Great Yorkshire Show Haul!

The Great Yorkshire Show is a family tradition for my family, and I was so gutted that last year's event had to be cancelled. This year, it was almost called off again but thankfully, it went ahead and I managed to get the day off work to attend! The vlog is going live next weekend because I'm a little ahead of the weekly vlogs, but I thought I would share a little mini Great Yorkshire Show haul today. 

I feel awful that I can't remember the name of this artist, but she was lovely and hand painted animal canvas' in this style. She was actually painting whilst there. Some of them were then paid into prints, including these cars, so I bought a handful for some upcoming birthdays and events. 

From the food hall, we bought some brownies from Wild Bills. We ended up getting salted caramel, plain, cookie dough and cornflake. To be honest, I'm not a huge fan of the brownie itself. I think it's made with dark chocolate so it's a little too rich for my liking, but all the extras are delicious! 

When we went back into the food haul at the end of the night, a lot of the food items were discounted. They were selling a box of 4 cupcakes for £3 so we snatched one of the last 3. In it was a random selection, of caramel, coffee, chocolate and red velvet.
Mum also got sold on some homemade Massagical ointment. It was basically a body scrub and moisturiser but a little goes a long way, and after mum gave me a foot massage, I have to say, I am also impressed. 
Finally, I bought a couple of kids activity boxes. I absolutely love the idea of these and can't wait to do them with my niece and nephew next month. KidzPlay release a monthly subscription box with everything you need in the kit. They also have a bee activity box at the moment to help encourage the bee population. I'll share a full review of them both soon!

This is the most I've bought for the last few years and I could have bought a lot more. There was such a great range and something for everyone.