3000 Squats in July Challenge!

If you saw my previous post earlier this month, you'll have seen that this month I am supporting Group B Strep Support with their 3000 Squats in July challenge. It's perfect timing because this month also happens to be Group B Strep Awareness month, so I thought I'd give a little update on how the challenge is going. 

So far I'm a little behind on both the squat total and my fundraising total, but I have this last week to make a big push. I am going to be squatting my butt off to hit 3000 and then I will hopefully hit my £100 target too. I am actually not struggling with the squats like I thought I would, but it's just trying to find the time to do it, without someone being around and watching. I've been really enjoying switching up my squatting pattern: normal, wide, narrow, pulses, plies etc. I've just started incorporating jumping squats into the pattern as well. It just makes it so much more fun 

If you would like to donate to my fundraiser and help support the charity, please do. I really appreciate everyone's support and encouragement. Here's a few facts about GBS that everyone should know.