July Round Up

We're over half way through the year and hasn't the weather been lovely! 

Book: I should just get rid of this question because it's sadly just not happening. 

Film: I'm hoping to watch some Disney films later this week but I loved watching Fatherhood this month. Such a lovely show. 

TV Show: Homeland has been a long time show that my partner and I are binge watching. We've just got onto S5 and wow...this one has me on the edge of my seat most days!

Podcast: Last month some of my long time favourites launched a podcast, and this month, one of my newer favourites did. Kyra from OKBaby and her friend just launched a raunchy girls podcast called Beneath the Sheets. They actually launched all of the episodes at once. I've only listened to a couple so far but I love their honesty. 

Blogger: Again not new posts, but Twist Me Pretty has been revisited for some quick summer heairstyle.

YouTuber: I've followed the Duggar and Bates families for a while, and recently many of the children have started their own YouTube channels. I am loving watching Alyssa's family at The Webster Family. They have 4 gorgeous girls and have a gorgeous new house, with lots of family events this month to keep everyone busy. 

Personal Blog Post: I actually really loved my Covid vaccine post this month. I love writing these little fact posts because even though I do know some bits, it forces me to do additional research and I now feel even more confident when answering questions on the topic. I've also received some really positive feedback on it from people who have found it really useful. 

Personal Vlog: Going to Cambridge was lovely, especially seeing my sister and her family after so long apart. 

Personal Memory: England getting into the Euro 2020 finals was amazing and I got really into the football, but it was Emma Raducano's match at Round 3 of Wimbledon that was the shock of the century. I was so impressed! 

Summary: I'm officially alone in community and although I feel exhausted, I'm loving the job. When I get the time alone with just the woman and her family it is absolutely perfect. It's so rewarding! I also picking up an extra shift in the hospital, watched all the sports and managed to see some family. 

Inspiring: Is anything more inspiring than the England football team at the Euro 2020 matches?

Frightening: The hedgehog attack. I was so worried I'd hurt the hedgehog but then my foot had an awful reaction. Thankfully, it's now almost gone. 

Next Month: I'm excited to see family lots next month, but a little nervous about the ease of restrictions. I have two family barbeques for my mum's side, plus a family reunion on my dad's, in Wales for a hot air balloon festival. 

Did you watch the sports this month? It was a whirlwind of emotions!