My 25th Present Haul!

Another year older calls for another present haul and I love looking back on these. I never ever expect presents, but of course, it's always fun to open presents and I personally love getting surprises. 

I got another two layers for my Stackers jewellery box from my boyfriend. The company has so many beautiful products. I love this jewellery box because I love organisation. I love having everything have a place and being separated. I got the necklace layer and the charms bracelet layer. Both of which are already full and now I officially feel my jewellery collection is complete. 

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I've had some car bits on my wish list for a while, so I finally got some basic necessities: a car bin with liners, car hooks and a first aid kit. All now have a happy place in my car. 
My mum got me a few little toiletry bits with a new wash bag, some flannels and some new makeup erasers. Makeup erasers are one of my must have items and I swear by them. I wear a waterproof full coverage liquid foundation and this takes it off easily, without any additional chemical or products which can often cause breakouts on my sensitive skin. 
Some random bits included a new card game called Skyjo that I haven't heard of before, a Lindt chocolate bar, a personalised notebook and some of my favourite Ralph Lauren ankle socks in purple. 
I asked my mum for some new FitFlops. I already have 2 pairs of these in purple and black and I really wanted a new pair in white for summer. Sadly, they no longer have the white ones I had originally wanted but these ones were lovely nevertheless. 
My sister bought me a little plant and some very much loved and requested napkin rings. I really wanted some hammered gold or silver metal ones ever since I saw them at my cousin's wedding. Sadly, some of them came very stained so they've been returned and my mum's actually given me some old but never used family heirlooms so I now don't think I'll be getting them replaced at all. 
Finally, when I went to Wales to see my dad, I got a little soft picnic blanket from him and his girlfriend. Plus, my sister had sent a couple of gifts with a brownie kit and a pizza stone. I've wanted a pizza oven and pizza stone for a while so I can't wait to use this! 

I also got some money to spend on some treats for myself, plus some from my dad for a flower hanging basket as sadly we couldn't find any in the garden centre. Click here to see last year's haul and here to watch my birthday vlog.