Personalised Co: Vitamin Subscription (Review)

Personalised Co. is a unique company that provides a range of products now, however this post will discuss their subscription service which provides 30 days of vitamins created simple for the individual and delivered straight to the door in 'on-the-go' sachets. 

The company prides them sell of key criteria for an easy service that's also high quality. Ingredients are 100% natural and designed to be highly bio-available, with no fillers, binders, chemicals or bulking agents. These means the body can actually absorb all the good stuff, quickly and easily. There are also no gluten, dairy, soy, artificial colourings and E numbers. They discuss transparency and inform customers exactly where the vitamins are sources and what they contain. Whilst also making sure that their customer service is on point to allow customers easy access to a fully qualified nutritionist, which I myself utilised and will discuss later. 

By answering a short personalised quiz, vitamin recommendations are selected that meet specific needs. The quiz was designed by a team of qualified nutritionists, using the latest research to ensure they deliver exactly what you need. 

After filling in the quiz myself, the personal selection of vitamins that I got selected included Zinc, Magnesium, a multivitamin and a digestive enzyme. Each of these had different specific properties and explained what the benefits of each were for. I also ended up having a one-on-one call with a nutrition expert who explained the best time to take all the vitamins. 

In the box came the vitamins, the container and a leaflet. I actually found the leaflet quite interesting because it gave details on the individual vitamin, however I only received it for one out of three of my items, so it was lacking somewhat. 

Importantly for me, the packaging is also fully recyclable, and soon to be compostable. The product is delivered in a letter box sized cardboard box, with a cardboard container flat packed inside, as well as the individual sachets. The sachets feel as though they have a plastic coating, but these are compostable! Not only are they cute, with name and daily quotes but safe too. The container is easy to make up and fold together, however it is quite flimsy, so it's not quite the luxury item I would personally want to have on display as I'd imagine. 

I found it really hard to differentiate the pills so I actually the majority of the time, ended up taking all four of them at the same time as my contraceptive pill, before bed. Zinc is meant to be for cells, skin, hair and nails, and to be taken with breakfast. Magnesium for relaxing, to take before sleep. Multivitamin for nutrients, to take with breakfast. Finally, digestive enzymes for absorbing foods quickly, to take with breakfast. 

Overall, I love the idea behind them, however I personally found taking them really uncomfortable to take due to the size of the pills, and that they had little effects. They do say that you can scientifically see results from two to three months, so having only given it a month, it's not quite long enough, but they also discuss it can have placebo effect. I do think it's a great idea and I love the individual sachets. This means its really easy for travel purposes. You can try it out for yourself and get your first month free here