Sunny York, Beach Pirates and Birthday Limo!

Part 1 of my annual leave was all about day trips and celebrating my 25th birthday!

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 

After working 10 days in a row, I was so ready to celebrate my first full week of annual leave since Christmas and so we decided because it was such a beautiful evening, we headed out for a canal walk and then the pub for tea after work. It was so lovely to see all the babies again, but ended up being freezing and breezy at the table. A couple of friends ended up joining us for drinks and it was nice to catch up a little, over dessert. 

We had then planned to head to Wakefield the next day, straight after Luke finished work. I had the Friday off as well because originally I was going to the Nottingham Tennis Championships with a friend, but she cancelled somewhat last minute. However Luke was being frustratingly anal about everything so we weren't going to be getting there until after my mum went to sleep so instead I had a very chilled day packing, prepping and watched the entire season of Sweet Tooth. It's such a beautiful show and I would 100% recommend it to everyone. 
When we arrived at the farm, we were welcomed by my mum and absolutely beautiful weather. My grandma and a couple friends came over for a barbeque, before playing games, watching a film and enjoying a semi-early night. My grandma was in such a happy mood, her spirits were so high and it was lovely to see her being social for once. 
I really wanted to have some chilled days off, but with Luke he likes to be busy constantly and so because my mum was working in the mornings, he didn't want to wait around. In the end, we decided to go to one city and one beach area, with the first being York. Of course, living half an hour away and having my sister study in York, I've been multiple times over the years but Luke never had. 
Of course, we walked around the York Minister cathedral and around most of the wall, before roaming the streets, shopping for shoes, eating lunch and trying "the best cupcakes" in the city. 

The next day was a day trip to Bridlington, which is possibly the closest beach to my mum's house, but also the place we used to go every year as children, with my grandma, her two sisters and then my mum's cousin and her daughter. I haven't been for probably over 10 years, but we used to stay in a little cottage every summer for a week I believe. It's still very similar to how I remember it, with the same set up, same boat trips and same ish rides. 
I loved walking along the beach with the sand and waves splashing on my feet, plus we had a pirate ship cruise. 
The next morning was a much more relaxing day. I had a lovely lie in for my birthday, then watched some television for the first time in forever whilst painting my nails. When my grandma arrived and Jess got back from work, we unwrapped presents, cut the cake and then  played a new came that my mum got. When I get a bigger garden I will actually probably buy it because it was so much fun!
Then it was time to get ready for a lovely meal at The Ivy in Leeds. For some crazy reason, mum decided to get a limo to take us to town as a family friend has recently purchased a number for events. It was fun, but very over the top and extra. 

Sadly, no one but mum and I wanted to play games when we got back so it ended up finishing early and I headed to bed somewhat sad, but prepped to head to Wales in the morning.