Storytime: Day Trip to York

I went to York for a day out with my mum and sister!
Click here to watch the video or see below!

The day after Mother's Day had no decently priced train tickets so I extended the trip and bought tickets for the Tuesday instead. I had planned on having a really productive day and like I said last week, I brought lots of work with me but did none. To be fair, it wasn't all my fault because there was no internet which was a bit of a nightmare. 

First of all we headed to Jess' university accommodation to drop off her luggage. I haven't been since we moved her in so I haven't seen it set up. I really do love this picture frame but more so I loved the pictures in it. I took every single photo and I love it!
We headed straight to Betty's but called in at the Disney Store, calling in on my friend Maria who there. I defintely made her jump but it was so much fun. Betty's was yummy but honestly, the desserts were a bit of a disappointment.

Then we walked past York Minster. We went inside a little bit but you had to pay so we decided against that. But it is gorgeous. 
Then we walked around the wall. Well a little part of it. For some reason I thought you could walk the whole way round but it was a really small segment instead.
It had really pretty views which was nice but also, I didn't realise how many houses there were either side. There is defintely a privacy issue and everyone can look down on you.
After Jess left for her lecture, mum and I did a little shopping. We headed to Lakeland and looked at the kitchen gadgets then to Fenwick and picked up some amazing make-up goodies! To finish the day we went to the cinema to see Life which was incredible! If you get the chance, go see it! Click here for my review.
What a perfect mini trip!