Battersea Park Children's Zoo!

A couple weeks ago - I'm a little ahead of myself with videos so they're being posted a little outdated to stay in syn! - I volunteered with Spectrum and my partner and I took our child to Battersea Park and visited the Children's Zoo there!

Click here for the vlog or see below.

It was so fun!

Thoroughly recommend this for anyone. I had lots of fun and if we'd gone a little earlier, we could have seen a lot more of the feedings which was good. Honestly, even though it was small, I still think it was really nice and you could easily spend much more time there because there was so much to do. You can eat, play in the sand, the playgrounds and fire engines. There was so different animals and every half an hour there was a new feeding station which was really interesting and interactive.

Click through for pictures.

 We took the scenic route home which was so niece. We walked down the Thames, crossed over Albert Bridge and then saw the Queen's gold boat going underneath. London is so pretty when the sun's out!

 Of course, walking past Lola's Cupcakes I picked up a couple of sweet treats. How cute are these Easter cupcakes <3