Olly Murs @ The O2!

Click here to see the video or watch below.
I was so excited to see Olly Murs in concert at The O2 arena on Friday 31st March! I have wanted to see him for ages, ever since he was on X-Factor, and he was defintely on my concert bucket list but the night was defintely filled with surprises!

Walking through the underground station, this fun little message was amazing. How friggin' cute!
As always, I went through Sky Backstage. If I'm going to The O2, I always purchase the Sky Backstage tickets in advance because it saves so much time in terms of queuing to get in and security. I also love that they sometimes have some extra activities on top of the private bar upstairs. They had Superman vs Batman and a virtual reality experience. I totally would have tried the goggles on but there was a massive queue so I decided to skip it.
I actually specifically went to late because I was so disappointed with the opening act. It was a DJ and I just wasn't impressed, even with the last 15 minutes I caught. Nevertheless, Olly Murs came! 

I loved the opening sequence with the 24 hours countdown clock (obviously sped up), which you can catch in the concert vlog. Unfortunately, some people were really rude and came super late stopping to stand in front of me so despite waiting and waiting with my camera out, I totally missed the amazing moment when he appeared. 
I really liked the simplistic nature of the set with a full band casually playing in suits in the background. I liked how they could sink down and come back when needed. I thought the suits made it seem really formal but as I anticipated, they each did a little solo towards the end of the concert.
Instead of Demi Lovato - I was still hoping - Olly had 2 female backing singers take her role and while they were good, they defintely weren't flawless. They had a lot of mistakes and were very out of tune in parts. I did however like the interaction they had with Olly and it made the whole show more real.
Despite the very samey-y and repetitive nature of the set, some of the songs were played in acoustic which I actually really liked. I especially loved the sit down song with the guitarist and Olly on the edge of the stage. I thought it made the experience much more intimate.

My favourite part when Olly and his 4 backing singers (2 male and 2 female), came down to the front stage. They only came down once which to be honest felt like a bit of a waste seeming how much closer to the audience it made them, a much better view and more fun and involved.

The set design was continually simple with a woman and Olly pre-recorded footage played in the background of most songs. I think the song that stood out the most for me was Heart Attack. I loved the bright colours and the fact the words heartbeat-ed on the screens.
I think the part I was most shocked about was how rude Olly was. Not rude in a mean way but in a slightly vulgar way. I knew he was a bit naughty and liked the have fun but his in between talk and dance moves were very repetitive and dirty. Sex, grinding, feeling himself up.. I don't know if it's because I was sat next to a 6 year old (I didn't take her, but once again why? I wrote a whole post on the topic but seriously, she wore headphones the entire time and didn't once stand up, but complained on the volume) so I was more aware but...

Either way, it was still fun and very entertaining, just a little too much for me personally.
Without a doubt, this was the most picture perfect picture ever! I love the darkness of it and the crystal clear pose. Totally Olly!
One surprising moment was when he went out into the audience. I can't quite remember what happened but I was watching the stage and then suddenly people screamed and the spotlight was on the audience. I didn't even realise it was Olly wading through the crowd until about half way through the appearance! 
At the end, I really enjoyed the concert. I loved the songs and the flawless entertainment. It was a fun, easy going concert which gave me the much needed, welcomed and appreciated break from the world of revision I am currently immersed in.