DIY: 9 Easter Crafts and Decor - Tesco Inspired

This weekend is Easter and it happens to fall on my mum's birthday this year. I love Easter...I mean who doesn't like chocolate?! I know a lot of you guys have children and as I'm sure you know, I cannot wait to have children on my own!

I recently saw an advertisement that Tesco did and when I had a quick look at their website I saw a few of their crafts and decorations and thought they were super cute. I love how simplistic and easy they are so I thought I would put together a post to remember them all!

Easter Basket
Using paper plates and some accessories, these cute and simple baskets make the perfect egg hunt basket.

Using paint, googly eyes, felt, ribbon and a black marker, you can transform a wooden spoon into a bunny.

Bunny Gift Box
Hide some treats in these cute card made boxes.

Easter Lamb Card
Perfect from grandparents and kids alike. Simplify it further by using cotton wool for the sheep.

Easter Chicks from Pompoms
These are seriously so cute and would make cute, simple decorations.

Easter Egg Tree

Make a simple centerpiece with a messy paper mache craft.

Bunny Napkin 
Having a meal, make cute bunny napkin shapes all the kids will love.

Bunny Bunting
Simple and so cute! Perfect all season long!

Easter Centrepiece
I have to admit I love this one and I never thought of this way to make a big flower vase more useful! Although, not sure how long the chocolate will last!

Be sure to head over to Tesco's site by clicking on the links throughout for easy to follow instructions and more fun ideas!