Skin + Me: Personalised Skincare Treatment (Review)

Just over a month ago now, I started my Skin + Me subscription after I noticed myself breaking out a little bit, especially around my mouth, chin and cheeks. Of course, with my history of acne and having gone through roaccutane, I wanted to jump on the maskne treatment straight away when I came across the company on social media. 

Skin + Me is a personalised skin treatment which offers an effortless way to add effective active ingredients to your skincare routine to help you tackle your skin concerns through a personalised monthly subscription service, posting treatment with active ingredients direct to your door. You simply start by answering questions about your skin and they specialise in three different areas:

  • Clear spots, blackheads and acne
  • Fight skin-ageing and pigmentation

  • Treat rosacea (spots and redness)

I was really impressed by how quickly it was posted out to me and I absolutely loved the packaging. It was a small box with a different shape to usual, minimising packaging waste and helping create a sustainable product by only showing information you really need. On that note, there is no excess outer packaging, instead it is thinner and lighter. It is only ever made from card from an FSC registered forest and is fully recyclable. Of course, it's also bright yellow and the fun packaging really does stand out. 

The product itself comes in a sturdy stainless steel container with a unique delivery system, plus your name on the side and start and end dates for when the ingredients are fully active. It's called a "daily doser" which you turn clockwise to receive a dose recommended by the dermatologist. Being a subscription service, you get monthly deliveries to help you maintain this routine as well. I liked this but did find it was too much, so I defintely didn't use the full amount, and you can also see the number of days left along the measurement on the side. I also really enjoyed the applicator as it meant I didn't have to use my fingers and it was also really soothing as it was so cooling. The whole look is so sleek and sexy!

Overall, I love the company, I love the product and I especially love the unique design. I personally don't think that my skin is bad enough to warrant £19.99 a month on top of my current skincare and so for me, the free trial was enough because I now have the results I need, with about half the product still remaining. Even though it's system is suppose to give a specific quantity, I found it too much so didn't need it all. I would also just say that I do think it's important to also have a good skincare routine, and that defintely helps make a different to your skin, as well as staying hydrated. 

You can start your own subscription with Skin + Me through using this link, which will give you the best discount. You can use my code BB0Z1UTN at checkout to get 85% off your entire purchase if the discount doesn't apply automatically. 


  1. I have been using Skin Lightening Dermalmd Serum for 2 months and 50% of the pigmentation is gone. I had post inflammatory pigmentation that responded a lot and a line near my cheek that faded a lot. They say it takes three months to see full results, but I started to see some fading at the one month mark.


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