Lake Vyrnwy, Father's Day and Flower Baby!

The second part of my annual leave was in Wales, visiting my dad and celebrating Father's Day!

Click here for the vlog or watch below.

Starting bright and early, we packed up our suitcases, my presents and the car, then went over to my grandmas to say goodbye, before heading 2 hours in the car to Wales. We ended up getting there just after lunch, which was perfect timing and only 3 minutes later than I originally told everyone to expect us. Dad had been working on the canal in the morning and had actually got back 30 minutes before, so it worked out pretty great. 

We got a little tour of the latest garden additions and as is usual for my father, even more of the grass has been taken over my raised flower beds. I personally love grass, and I am sure you'll have heard me say before but my ideal garden would be some pretty flowers bordering a "boring" grass filled garden. We caught up in the house, had a little afternoon snack and then headed out for a short canal walk. My dad's step son was in the house working so we thought it best to leave him in peace. We actually went along one of my favourite parts, with a gorgeous idyllic house of dreams. 
The next day, my dad's girlfriend had a half day at work. After a little bit of stress due to the lack of signal in Wales, we finally met at the Lake Vyrnwy Hotel for afternoon tea. It was quite a fancy version so I wanted to check I liked the sandwich selection before ordering, so after asking I decided on carbonara instead...then everyone went for a meal because they didn't like the sandwiches either!  
Quite honestly, the service was pretty poor, but the views were gorgeous and the weather stayed warm and dry, so we ate outside in the sunshine. 
They also had some beautiful flowers in the garden, but they were quite small. 
It was a perfect Saturday. We had a lovely lie in and then a relaxed morning brunch of bacon sandwiches and chocolate muffins. We decided to go to a canal walk and nature reserve, on a bit of the canal that dad had recently been working on. He normally works on a set section but the team was asked to do a different part, which meant he'd only just been introduced to it. It was nice to see a new to me part at least, and there was lots of animals along the way! We had planned to go to the castle but after a lovely picnic lunch, they thought it was too far away to get to. 
Sunday was Father's Day. This year I got him a couple of joke presents, such as a fly swatter and Father's Day socks, but also some toiletry supplies and some chocolate toblerone that says Father's Day on it. To celebrate we went to a newly opened pub nearby, called The Sun Hotel. We'd booked for the special Sunday lunch. The food ended up being lovely but it was just such a strange experience. When we arrived, they said they'd sold out of pretty much all the Sunday lunch items so we could made our own meal out of a certain set of ingredients. I was really looking forward to roast potatoes but they didn't have any left! The dessert was also a really thick and hard chocolate and avocado mousse, which was lovely but served in a giant bowl and only about 4 mouthfuls. 
When we got back, I insisted on some lovely pictures together. I love this yellow floral dress but hadn't realised how terribly it photographed. I looked huge in the photos taken by Luke so will not be sharing those anytime soon!
Dad then needed a rest - because he's getting old - so Luke and I went to the garage to play table tennis and darts. Of course, he won both by a mile but nevertheless, it was still fun. We also had a little walk down to the new property development and it was lovely to see the progress after so many months of nothing over Covid. In the evening, we watched a film and despite everyone else hating it, I really enjoyed it: Awake. 
Dad also fixed the hot tub, but of course I didn't have a swimming costume, so I ordered a couple on Amazon for next day delivery. Apologies for the rubbish dark pictures, but I ended up keeping the first one with the ruffles. I also loved the second one but I'm not quite confident enough for the lack of breast support just yet. 
Our final day was spent having a day trip to the garden centre. I really wanted a hanging basket, but sadly couldn't find one. Instead, we walked through the designer feature gardens and even came across a MASSIVE beehive in a bird box. I also fell in love with fuschias, or as I call them "fairy plants". 

We had a quick snacky lunch with some baked goods from the farm shop, before loading up the car and heading off back to Nottingham after 11 days away. I was so not looking forward to going back to work! When we got home, I was pleasantly surprised to see my first flower in the garden! It was only little but it was such a sweet sight to see my first cornflower and I am so excited to see more flowers blooming soon. Luke stayed to watch an episode of Homeland before he headed off to get ready for work and unpack.