Pause Subscription Box by MIND (Review)

Today is my first review of many subscription box reviews I have coming up. Pause is a monthly subscription box of relaxing activities delivered straight to your door. By buying a subscription to Pause, you are helping to support the charity call MIND, with a letterbox sized activity box packed with ideas and activities to encourage relaxation, creativity, and reflection, to focus on and improve your wellbeing.

Many people have probably heard of MIND. They provide support and advice for people experiencing mental health problems. They help make sure nobody faces a mental health problem alone. By buying a Pause subscription, you give aa monthly donation to Mind of £7.50. 

The boxes utilise a three step programme to help encourage well-being by taking a moment out of you day to focus on yourself. Notice: helps you find the time to acknowledge how you're feeling. Learn: recognises that a new skill, goal or challenge can have a big positive impact on your self-esteem. Connect: encourages sharing, talking and connecting with friends and family.

It comes with a range of items. I little card advertising the box, a carefully packaged activity and a gorgeous information booklet. I can't even begin to explain the quality of the paper. It's just an incredible soft, satin finish on really thick paper. It gives a lovely sense of luxury and screams special quality time with yourself. 
The activity I got in my box this month was pom-pom making. This was actually the first activity I'd seen, so I was a little disappointed for two reasons. First, that it wasn't a surprise and second because I've already done it multiple times before. Of course, it's important to remember that the donation is for the charity, and it acts as more of a trigger for self-reflection time, rather than a huge activity included, but it was nice that it came with the pom-pom templates. 
Overall, I love the idea behind the box and the fact that it supports a much needed charity, however I do think the boxes give something to be desired. They're very basic and simple, without much actually in it, which is a shame because I had high expectations. 


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