Group B Strep Support and my 3000 Squats in July Fundraiser!

As has become a new tradition for me, each year I pick a topic or charity that is close to my heart, educate myself on it and support the cause in any way I can. This year, my charity of choice is Group B Strep Support which is the world’s leading charity working to eradicate group B Strep (GBS) infection in babies. Their goal is to provide support to families affected, raise awareness, provide education, lobby the government and support research. 

Group B Streptococcus (GBS or Strep B) is the most common cause of severe infection in newborn babies, causing sepsis, pneumonia or meningitis. On average, every day in the UK two babies develop GBS infection, one of those sick babies dies every week and one survivor is left with long-term disability.

Some facts, on average in the UK and Republic of Ireland, every month

  • 66 babies are diagnosed with GBS
  • 56 babies make a full recovery
  • 6 babies survive with long-term physical or mental disabilities
  • 4 babies die 

I've seen this infection pass to a newborn first hand, and I wouldn't wish that loss on anyone. As I am now a community midwife, I feel even more responsibility in supporting the cause to help engage the expectant population, provide clear correct information, and to also clearly identify those affected to ensure they have the care they desire. I have personally gone out of my way to secure more information and resources to provide my women, including leaflets, sticker alerts and posters. 

This month also happens to be GBS Awareness Month, so with that the charity have launched a new campaign called "3000 Squats in July". I signed up about a month ago now, got my little starter pack and am well on my way to the target already! I love that they sent out a free t-shirt and tracker poster so I really hope I can raise some money to support them. If you would like to donate to my fundraiser, please do so here. The event is free to sign up and it's defintely not too late just yet, if you want to get active and support the charity yourself. 

If you require support on the topic of GBS or need further guidance, please take advantage of the free-to-access helpline and service available at GBSS here