Woolly Rainbows and Pepper Peach (Review)

Just a quick post from me today, before I start sharing all the subscription boxes I've been using for the past couple of months! 

I've been following Woolly Rainbows on Instagram for a while now and I have loved watching her grow as a small business, as well as handcraft some gorgeous products. One item I had my eye on was the rainbow keyrings. I was so excited for her when she managed to bulk sell them to another small business, Pepper Peach, in a wholesale order. The latter also sells so many other gorgeous products with the card and organisation sheets being my favourite. 

I actually ended up winning a little competition giveaway so got the dreamy product for free. But I only found out about it because the originally company actually shared the link. I love seeing small businesses support other small businesses. 
The keyring came really quickly and I had great customer service throughout the experience. It's really well made, high quality and very sturdy…which is what I was a little worried about, but for absolutely no reason! 
If you buy direct through Woolly Rainbows, you can also customise the rainbow colours completely. You may notice there’s a new size in town. I actually prefer the shorter fatter look, described as a “mini” version but appears to be the same width. 

I adore some of these colour schemes. I think everyone knows my favourite colour is purple so I love that one and I think that would have been perfect for my work bag! Which is your favourite?