Bathbox: A Bath Bomb Subscription Box (Review)

Are you a both or a shower person? I prefer showers but I do like the occasional bath for those extra special relaxation moments. Bathbox is a relatively new subscription box which provides a monthly supply of 5 bath related items, from either bombs, soaps and salts. The company's aim is to offer affordable options to high-street stores. The subscription box costs just £9.99 per month, for 5 or more full size items. They are a surprise which is the best part! If you order before the 15th of the month, the box will be with you before the 25th, otherwise it will be dispatched the following month for a lovely special mid-month present to yourself. 

I personally love that all the items are handmade in the UK, animal cruelty free and fresh every month. They have also just launched a brand new plastic free option. I had already recieved my box, prior to this launch, but if chosen, you will get the same amazing products, but without plastic wrap. Instead, they come naked and use shredded tissue paper to protect the items. 

Let me start by saying, just look at how gorgeous this box is. It came perfectly on time, with quick delivery and no damage at all. The flower pattern is lovely and it really makes me excited for a girly treat inside. 

In the box, comes a card explaining exactly what is in the box with details about each item and of course a welcome to the box itself. The items are then wrapped in tissue paper. Like I said earlier, my items then came in individual bags but if you pick the plastic free option, there would be extra shredded tissue paper. I would assume the bath salts, would still come in some sort of bag, perhaps brown paper instead of plastic.
In my box I got: 
  • Strawberry Delight: a bath foamer. Personally, for me this didn't add a lot to the bath but it was pretty to watch it foam. 
  • Lemon and Lime Fizz: a bath bomb. Lovely bath bomb and lovely smell. I think because it's quite natural, it wasn't super pigmented, which for me is one of the fun parts of a bath bomb but it's still nice. 
  • Pineapple Solid Bubble Bath: a bubble bar. This smells amazing! Lots of bubbles and it lasts for a good three baths. 
  • Watermelon Artesian Soap: a soap. Sadly, this one doesn't quite fit the colour scheme of my bathroom and I don't usually use solid soap bars but I may use it one day. 
  • Black Cherry Bath Salts: bath salts. I love bath salts, but sometimes they can be hit or miss. I hate when they're really oily. This one wasn't oily to be the point where I slipped out the bath, yet still moisturising. It also smelt amazing!

I was pleasantly surprised at the high quality of these items. I also loved the size of them. I thought they might be quite small but these were all about the size of Lush items, if not bigger. If you like to have baths, be sure to treat yourself. You can get £2 off your first box here