September Round Up

I'm not sure if it's because I'm getting older or just that I'm so busy, but I feel like time is literally flying by. It's already the end of September and I'm just not quite sure I'm ready for the month to be over. 

Book: I've just started reading "The Prison Doctor: Women Inside" by Dr Amanda Brown. I read the first book by her a few years ago and have been waiting to read this one for the last few years. I think it will be interesting to read about it because my focus is on women's health, plus I'm sure there will be some childbirth stories as well. 

Film: I haven't watched too many films this month, I can only remember watching Cinderella and I loved it. It was defintely a little different but fun and I liked the musical perspective. 

TV Show: We finally finished Homeland and the last season was incredible. I also watched the second series of Star Wars: The Mandalorian and my partner and I finally got around to watching Loki. The latter was not what I expected at all! It was very different but surprisingly good, albeit a little confusing to begin with. 

Podcast: If you know me, you know I'm very open to speaking about pretty much everything. This month I've been loving  listening to Kyra and Hannah's "Beneath the Sheets", talking about everything from sex to periods. 

Blogger: I feel like blogging is slowly fading away. I could be mistaken but my favourite posters aren't posting anymore. What are your thoughts?

YouTuber: I haven't followed Amber and Gabe personally for long, but I have seen them in others vlogs. I recently subscribed to their YouTube channel, which is Fresco Fam and I'm loving there new found creativity and consistency. They're about to start an IVF journey which will also be interesting to follow. 

Personal Blog Post: I was actually pleasantly surprised to hear I had won a highly commended aware at the Global Undergraduate Awards

Personal Vlog: I've only posted the first part of my staycation so far, but it's by far my favourite! 

Personal Memory: I absolutely loved spending nights in the middle of nowhere with Luke, cuddling, talking, eating, drinking and enjoying the hot tub. It was perfect. 

Summary: This month has been a much needed reset and break from life. I've had some perfect time off and enjoyed my first glamping staycation. Even better, I've really enjoyed working this month. I've met so many lovely families and they've been a real pleasure to work with. 

Inspiring: I can't really pick an inspiring moment necessarily this month. I guess hearing friends tell their engagement story was really lovely. 

Frightening: I ended up having to send a couple of women and their babies to the A+E and I felt awful but hopefully the best thing. 

Next Month: I can't wait to finally watch Black Widow, perhaps finally get around the cleaning my house and get ahead with catching up with work. 

What have you been up to this month? Any upcoming plans?