In the Style Clothing Haul: Stacey Solomon, Jac Jossa and Anna Saccone

It's another In the Style clothing haul today and I absolutely love it. I have easily purchased some of my favourite items for a long time in this group of clothes, most of which I have already worn which you will be seeing in the vlogs over the next few weeks! 

First up is this gorgeous sage green top from the Jac Jossa collection. I love the colour and the fit. I really like tops that are a little longer and the ripple effect at the bottom hides my insecurities. You can also pick the neckline as there are ties at the shoulder to allow you to adjust the look slightly. 

Another similar top, is this white tie top. I bought this one for more of evening look. I actually found the neckline a little too revealing for myself personally, but I wore it backwards afterwards and loved it! 
A top that isn't my usual style is this floral smock top by Stacey Solomon. I don't love floral patterns personally, but I loved the style of this and think it fits really well. Again it's loose around the abdomen, but it also has a line around the bossom so my boobs don't look huge!
By far my favourite dress of the year is this white flippy dress, again by Stacey Solomon. It is so comfy, easy to wear and such a stunning fit. I love it!
One item I didn't like was this yellow sundress. I love the colour yellow so I always try to buy something yellow, but I just don't think the colour suits me at all. Also, this fit was extremely big and baggy which just wasn't for me. 
Possibly my favourite purchase is this 5-piece pyjama set from the Anna Saccone-Joly collection. I love the pattern and it's so comfy. It came with a top, shorts, eye mask, bobble and a little bag. I did size up for comfort but I do wish I didn't because the fit is actually large, so I wouldn't actually advise doing that. 
Finally, this blue shoulder tie romper. As I'm sure you'll have noticed, I love jumpsuits and rompers, but they just don't suit me. There has only been one that I've liked on me and all the other's I find make me look short and fat, like this one. I will admit though, this romper was so comfortable. It felt really nice, with soft material and high quality design. If you're tall, this one is for you!

What do you think? Which item it your favourite?