Pontefract Racecourse, Spa Day and Hair Reactions!

I had a lovely annual leave week, starting in Yorkshire with family.

Click here for the vlog or see below. 

I actually didn't vlog the week before, but I did actually come to Wakefield for Bank Holiday Monday as my aunt had a family barbeque. We just came up for the day, so it wasn't got too long, but it was nice to hang out. The dog wouldn't stop barking so I actually ended up getting the worst headache and felt terrible for the majority of it, then had to drive back as well. Also, the weather literally only just held off. It was spitting until the food was cooked, and then started raining which was fun!

My annual leave started with a Chiquito's takeaway after a short week at work. It was lovely and nice to spend a night together with Luke. I'm still desperate for a date night at some point, but until he's ready for a nice meal out, takeaways watching Homeland will have to do. 
On Saturday, we woke up bright and early. I packed for 10 days away and Luke headed off to archery. I ended up setting off in plenty of time because I wanted to have a smooch around the farm shop before meeting my sister and cousin for a brunch date. The traffic was awful so I ended up being over 45 minutes late. I was just in stand still traffic for almost an hour. 
The next day, Jess and I headed to Pontefract Racecourse to meet up with my second oldest sister, and her daughter - my little fox. We didn't hang out for long because she had a party to get to but it was the first time I'd seen them both in over a year and Jess had never met are niece so it was a lovely reunion. She was so smiley and happy...it was perfect! 
Afterwards, Jess and I got ice cream and then headed to walk around the lake. I've not been to the racecourse in so long, I actually can't remember the last time I was there, but apparently we used to go all the time as children. It was absolutely lovely. It was so pretty and peaceful. The weather was gorgeous and we saw lots of ducks, swans and geese.
When we got back, we got put to work. We emptied and tidied the garage, moving everything to the new workshop, so that we could move grandma's things in for when she officially moved into the house. Whilst mum was finishing off in the garage, I made a full Sunday lunch, bar the gravy which Jess made. It turned out perfectly, but I probably slightly underestimated how much food 4 people needed. It was just about right but definitely no leftovers. Afterwards, we played a couple games of Skyjo which is a game Hannah got me for my birthday. It was so much fun and defintely one of my new favourites! 
I really wanted my first few days of annual leave to be relaxing. Mum and I had a spa day on the Monday. It was lovely and really peaceful. I think both my mum and I were a little disappointed in the finish of the manicure, but other than that absolutely lovely. We had afternoon tea or rather lunch, swam and enjoyed the facilities and then had our four treatments: manicure, pedicure, facial and scalp massage.
I went for a Nude Pink colour on my nails and a lovely orange on my toes. I was quite surprised that Shellac was included for the same price. Of course, for work I can't have my nails painted so I want for normal polish on my fingers but then got a lovely autumnal colour on my toes so it could last a while.
The next day started with a beauticians appointment. I got an armpit wax and then also had an eyebrow consultation. Originally I thought I would be getting them waxed as Luke keeps going on and on about it, but the technician didn't think that was necessary and so was going to charge £17 to pluck some hairs in the middle, which I thought was extortionate. To top it off, the whole thing took less than 5 minutes and cost £20 as was!

When I got back, I watched some television whilst eating a lovely Gregg's lunch and then read and sunbathed for a little, because the weather was so nice. 
Not too long after, is was time to head back to town for a haircut. I've been wanting to get it cut short for a long time but my hairdresser has cancelled three times due to hyperemesis so I decided to just book in elsewhere in the meantime. I was just so over getting headaches at work, so I wanted it above my shoulders so I could wear it down for work. The hairdresser was amazing. My hair felt incredible and she also thinned it, with razors, which took like half the weight out of it further. I love it! I also got my initial reactions from my mum and sister so watch the vlog to see those.

It was a bit of a rush when I got back because the time leaving had been brought an hour forward, so I had a quick shower and then glammed up for a night out. I paired my short hair, with a new In the Style dress, white wedges and Honey Rose LipSense. I loved the whole look and felt gorgeous! 
We ended up doing a little bit of a wine tasting night at my step-grandma's house first. They have a big party coming up so they were trying to pick which bottles to have. Then we headed off to the Capri. The food was amazing and the dessert to die for. I was so happy and full by the end of the night. Very happy!