Pistyll Rhaeadr, Powys Castle and 26th Celebrations!

Part 2 of our Autumn break is in Wales. We headed to my dad's, went to a waterfall and spent the day in Powys. 

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 

We got to Wales late on Thursday evening and dad and his partner were just sitting down for tea. We didn't mind too much because we just talked, chilled and caught up, before getting a relatively early night. The next morning we were discussing what to do and it became apparent that Luke had never been to Pistyll Rhaeadr, which was quite shocking as I've been so many time. 

Pistyll Rhaeadr is the largest single drop waterfall in the whole of Britain and it's a bit of an adventure to get to. It was even more of an adventure this time because the "main road" - already single track - was closed, so we went down a back road and it was a little sketchy at times if I'm honest. I think dad and I would have turned around if we were alone, but Luke kept insisting we were almost there. 

We did eventually make it and it was lovely. It was so quiet and peaceful. I think the road closure defintely deterred a few people. I went for a little walk through the forest and left the boys to play with their fancy cameras. My little hand held did the job perfectly in seconds! 
Afterwards, we headed to our favourite garden centre. We went to the outdoor cafe for lunch and cake and it was delicious. I had a yummy hot dog, followed my orange and chocolate cake. Everyone wanted to steal a bite of it from me! It was nice to look around the garden centre and see all the Christmas decorations too. I'm dreaming of the day I can have a bauble arch around my front door. 

That evening, we had some pasta for tea, before settling down to watch a film together in the lounge. I can't for the life of me remember what the film was, but it was truly rubbish. I actually wasn't feeling very well about half way through so I ended up going to bed to lie down and watched the rest in the morning.

I did try to convince dad and Luke to go for a walk alone but they weren't having any of it, so by the time it got past 11am, I said I would go with them and went upstairs to get dressed. Dad's discovered a new circular route from Powys Castle, so we headed to Powys, got some Greggs for a packed lunch and then walked towards the castle. We found a lovely bench on the way, with a view of the deers, so that's where we spent lunch. 
We then walked up past the castle, through the drive and onto the fields. The fields went through lots of sheep and so many farmers were there too. My dad was fascinated by all the cobwebs caught in the grass, the sheep and I not so much. 
The fields eventually met up with the canal and then we walked along the canal for a while, to make it back to the town centre and to go home. Dad's still working on the canal so he eagerly and excitedly talks about all the work he's been doing recently, wanting us to show us it all! 

Karen was at work, even though it was a weekend. Surprisingly, she was already back when we got back. We stayed for dinner, before heading off in the evening back to Nottingham. The next day was Luke's birthday and he's decided he'd wanted to spend it with his family, so we'd booked a table at the local village pub and were meeting them for Sunday lunch. 

I was so excited for his birthday, I'd set up a little table and decorated it with presents in advance. I wanted to surprise him with breakfast in bed, but it didn't quite go to plan. He'd mentioned it the night before and as he had a discount code and free delivery, he wanted to order it so we pre-ordered, ready for the next day. When I woke up, he was already downstairs so not quite what I'd planned. 

Unfortunately, the breakfast didn't show up. All of Luke's was there but my bacon and egg roll was sadly missing. I was honestly heartbroken because I've been craving it so much recently! One of my patients had brought me one once and it was dreamy! Luke was so sweet through the whole ordeal. I was ridiculously dramatic and upset about the whole thing, so he secretly ordered again...and it was wrong again! In the meantime, we opened presents and I think Luke liked them all.

Once we'd unwrapped presents and finished breakfast, we got ready to head out for the meal. I thought we were meeting everyone at the restaurant but Luke had arranged to meet at his mum's over an hour early. No one else was there and they were still getting ready. We quickly opened presents and then just went to his room to chill. He did very well present wise. He got 2 small casserole dishes and a 3 in 1 toaster that he's been wanting so all in all, he did very well. 

Once it was time, we headed off the pub and met up with everyone there. The food was actually really nice and I was pleasantly surprised and how much I could eat. They didn't have a dessert I liked, but it was also a chocolatier, so I bought some chocolate orange buttons instead. Very kindly, his grandpa and step-father paid for the meal so it worked out very much in our favour, although I don't think they were particularly pleased about the fact. 

Luke then wanted to go back to his mum's again. Everyone had a very quick drink and then divided up Secret Santa names, before all leaving. It's strange because in my family we would play board games, but instead it was just a quick goodbye. Luke still didn't want to leave so to be honest, I was getting a little frustrated and annoyed, especially because of the dogs too. 
Eventually, we did leave and got ready for bed. Luke picked a film to watch before bed, and I was happily surprised with Red Notice, as I'd already added it to the list too. Just before going to bed, Luke got quite upset that his mother hadn't made a cake and that no one had sung happy birthday. I had offered to buy him a cake as I didn't have time to bake, but he'd said no. I've baked for his last two birthdays. I also said I would like the restaurant know but he didn't want that either. So in the end, I called him back downstairs to a little surprise of three candles on the side and sang to him to make up for it. I think he was secretly happy. I love you Luke. Happy birthday my love.