What I got my Boyfriend for His 26th Birthday

I try to post reviews on Friday's but next week start's my new series of Christmas gift guides and I didn't want to wait weeks to post this, so instead of a review this week, I'm sharing a mini birthday gift guide. Here are the items I got for my boyfriend this year for his 26th birthday. 

The main presents I got for him was a trip to Chester. He's wanted to go for a few years so I treated him to a hotel and a fancy meal out, then the day before we went to Chester Zoo. I also paid for the latter but it was something he didn't particularly want to do, and I'd been wanting to go for forever so I was very much excited for that part!

I then got him some useful items for the kitchen. He's been asking for a meat thermometer for a few months now so I decided to finally buy him one. We've not yet used it but it's looks quite good and I like that it's digital. I then bought him an extra little gadget I thought he'd enjoy. It's a resealer and a cutter, for bags of crisps etc. He's already put it to good use and is having lots of fun. The last little add on was a spoon rest. I seriously hate when Luke constantly puts dirty utensils on the surface and then just leaves the marks. This is perfect! Plus, it will go in the kitchen colour scheme. 
The main gift I got him to open was a cheese board. I thought this was big enough in size, whilst remaining compact and had the perfect storage for the cheese knives too. 
Finally, I bought him a gift that was also somewhat for myself. These are for bedtime and I love them. They're loose and comfy, but stylish and sleek. I'm pleased to report, Luke also liked them. He even prefers them to his usual baggy ones! 

Of course, with most of the gifts being useful or experiences, Luke - said - he loved them all and I really like them too, of course! I really struggle to get gifts for men or boys so if you have any suggestions for the future, please leave a comment down below. It would be greatly appreciated.