Small Kitchen Organisation Hacks and Solutions

I’ve previously spoken about minimalism and organisation. They’re both topics that o personally love talking about and of course, implementing into my life. I hate clutter and really do struggle with my mental health when life is a mess. Now that I’m continuing my tenancy at my current rental for the foreseeable future, I thought I’d finally get around to organising my little kitchen. I thought today it would be worth sharing some of my top tips, hacks and things that I just love. 

Let’s start at the basics. First of all, I bought a 12 pack of large boxes to store both baking supplies, pasta and rice. I love that they came with a chalk pen and black labels. Personally, I would prefer if the labels were all the same but for the price, these are definitely good value. 
Staying with the cupboards, for my spices, I bought a pack of new glass containers, again with labels and a chalk pen. I love that these also came with the dispenser that simply clicks in the top. 
For these, I bought a lazy Susan to store both the spices and the condiments too. I bought another for storing little pots too. 
For my jars and cans, I bought a layered shelving unit. It allows me to be able to better able to see what we have in stock but as you’ve probably realised, the kitchen units and shelves are very narrow and strange heights. It still fits flush, but it is a little tight! 
One of my favourite things I bought was an under the sink expandable storage shelf. This one was really great value. I ended up lowering the top shelf a little to fit my taller cleaning products in, but it still fits everything I want in. On the top, I have a bag of bags, plus my cleaning no supplies. I already had my extra bits in a transportable caddy and then I have my Homethings cleaning products at the front as they are used the most. Underneath I have my already owned 3 baskets. In these, I store my sponges, towels and cloths, and wipes. Finally, underneath I keep my brush and washing up tub. I love that I can now access everything from the front of the cupboard, without sticking my whole head - and body! - in to reach around the corner. I’m so happy with this! 
I did end up returning one item I bought, but I think if I owned a normal sized fridge and not a half size, I would have loved them. These drawers provide additional storage space under fridge shelves, perfect for fresh fruit and vegetables. I wouldn’t recommend the ones I bought because they were quite flimsy, rather small and also dirty! But I like the principle. 

Finally, I bought a wine/drinks rack. I don’t have a whole lot of room in my house and I also don't like clutter around the house, or things on the surface that can quite literally just collect dust. This fits perfectly in my cupboard which I use as a drinks cabinet at the moment. I love that it's relatively slimline, but can hold both wine and fizzy drinks. 

I love how nice my kitchen feels now! I finally feel semi organised. What do you like the most?