October Round Up!

We got so lucky with the weather for previous few months that the latter half of October has just felt absolutely freezing. I so wanted to hold out on putting on the heating because the electric heaters in my house are rubbish and so expensive. I was hoping to enjoy the cheap bills for a little longer. 

Book: I've gone a little off the book  wagon again...oops! I need a nice relaxing sunny holiday to get my book numbers up. This year will be a record low for me at this rate. 

Film: James Bond. Without a doubt, the No Time to Die film was breath-taking, jaw-dropping and surreal. It was shock after shock after shock. It wasn't quite the usual action packed Bond film, but it actually shared an incredible storyline, beautiful acting and like I said, the surprises were amazing. We also watched Black Widow and I loved the storyline and was very surprised to see if more about the family history and upbringing. It was a lovely standalone film. 

TV Show: This month we've defintely watched our fair share of shows. Lucifer's final season was the perfect closure and shows other series, exactly how to do it correctly. We also watched Squid Game, Outer Banks, You and Stargirl. Plus, finally watched Marvel show "The Falcon and The Winter Solider". 

Podcast: I've been working so much recently, and with my downtime, I've actually been fairly busy. I'm slowly catching up with new episodes but not started any new ones just yet. 

Blogger: Nope.

YouTuber: Brad and Hailey Devine have recently relaunched their channel and I am forever jealous of all their travels. This month they headed to Boston, took in the beautiful architecture and even visited Salem at Halloween. 

Personal Blog Post: My smear test post was by far my favourite and hardest to write. I loved sharing the experience and having been through both types of experiences, I now feel pretty equipped to help support other's in their smear journey. 

Personal Vlog: After a few months of consistent weekly posting, this month I have taken a little bit of a step back but it's just because I've not done much of interest. Even though it happened in September, I posted the vlog in October so it's got to be the second part of my staycation, with Castlerigg Stone Circle and a Surprise trip to Edinburgh! 

Personal Memory: Since being in Nottingham, my mother and I have gotten so much closer. I love spending time one on one and the pumpkin festival was the perfect past time together. 

Summary: This month is of course, all about Halloween! I've bought decor, decorated, went to a festival and celebrated the big event itself with a little party. 

Inspiring: One of my closest childhood friends has just become a mother. I loved seeing the first pictures of her little boy and only hope one day I can meet him. 

Frightening: I ended up attending a home birth alone and had to make the decision to transfer in to hospital due to bleeding. It wasn't heavy and I wasn't worry about life or death, but her water's went as the ambulance arrived and for a second I thought we would have a baby on the road. 

Next Month: I feel like I'm constantly at work, but I've got quite a big of annual leave coming up and I am so excited!

How did you celebrate Halloween? I'll be sharing my celebrations soon!