Halloween Party, Bonfire Night and Renovation Reveal!

I threw my first own home Halloween party, headed to Yorkshire for a mini Bonfire Night at my mum's and finally revealed the big renovations at the farm house. 

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 

Halloween was honestly a little bit of a fail. I threw a mini Halloween party which was a lot of fun, but still a little sad that more people couldn't come. You can read in detail my full Halloween party post here, but let's just say I let my inner child come out. We had lots of yummy food and snacks, some party games, music and the chance to talk and catch up. We also got a Save the Date for a wedding! 

The next weekend, I headed up to Yorkshire for Bonfire Night. I had a long weekend off so after finishing work at 9pm on the Thursday, I went down Friday afternoon, just after lunch. I had a few jobs to do around the house, so I sorted those first and then headed up. It was a lovely surprise when I got up there as the new roof on the conservatory is finally completed, and the back patio is completed, hot tub and all. Make sure to watch the vlog to see it in all it's glory. It was absolutely lovely. We went in it every day and it's defintely a good purchase! 

In the evening we had a little bonfire party at home. Of course, the bonfire was just the fire pit, but we did have fireworks and sparklers to boot. Mum did sausages and mash, pie and peas. 

The next day, we had a fairly chilled day. We headed to a local garden centre and bought some cards and presents, plus mum got lots of ideas for Christmas decorations. I think she will defintely be heading back. I had wanted for get lunch but instead, we headed back to the house for leftovers and then watched a film in bed. It was a surprisingly good film and one I would recommend it's worth a watch: Infinite. 

The Sunday was lovely. It was suppose to be a cousin's brunch, but one couldn't make it because her family has Covid and another was feeling poorly. In the end, Ellie ended up coming up and then both my aunts came as well, so it was nice to see everyone. We had a lovely brunch at around 2pm. I had croissants, toast, bacon, sausages, scrambled egg...very filling. Of course, the bottomless brunch didn't have alcohol for me, but instead of prosecco I had Diet Coke. We then all went in the hot tub and chatted for over an hour. It was lovely to catch up and just chill. So far, the hot tub has defintely allowed for lots of family time and conversations. 

I then made my way back to Nottingham and was reunited with my love. I had lots of packages awaiting and it's making me so excited for Christmas. I've almost finished all my Christmas shopping. I have just one present left to get and then I'm done. Luke's told me I can't decorate until after his birthday, so look out mid-November...Christmas is coming early! After my disaster of an off duty, I want to celebrate as much as possible before, for as long as I can.