Beer52: Yorkshire Edition (Review)

I've talked about Beer52 before, as I have received two previous boxes, and I do really enjoy them. They are a beer subscription service that delivers monthly themed boxes containing at least 8 beers, a snack and a magazine. This month's box was Yorkshire themed which I felt was very fitting given that I am a Yorkshire girl, born and bred. 

Usually, there is a range of cans and bottles but this month they were all cans which was a little unusually but much better for my OCD. The magazine was lovely this year and Luke actually stated it was his favourite to date, with lots of interesting information in it. I was a little disappointed by the snacks this time. The crackers were sweet chilli, which Luke enjoyed, and the other crisps were very odd. They were like stale salt and vinegar crisps. Flavour is there but terrible texture. Not a fan! 

Hickory Clan Caviar Maple and Pecan Danish: This beer has a black body with off white or tan head. It is not heavily carbonated and quite viscous. The smell is sweet and it has a slightly nutty taste, albeit mild. 4/5

Perpetual session new England IPA: A very light hazy yellow colour with a small head, but it is not heavily carbonated. It has a sweet citrus and tropical smell, as seems to be common with these beers. The hint of citrus and tropical fruit comes through in the flavour too, but it does have a slightly bitter aftertaste. 4/5

Naughty and Nice Stout: Another black body beer, with an off white head which disappeared quickly as there is no carbonation. The smell is caramel dark chocolate, with the same chocolate flavour coming through. I didn't like this one much as it had a strong bitter taste. 3/5

Analogue Set Hazy IPA: This beer has a nice head, which is a pale, opaque golden colour and not heavily carbonated. It has a sweet citrus and tropical smell, also tastes nice, with again a hint of citrus. 4/5

Raspberry Pie: Favourite in the box! This has a lovely peach hazy colour, a small head and is very carbonated. It smells strongly of raspberry and vanilla, but is tart not sweet. It tastes perfect; it's refreshing, not too sweet and balanced nicely with the oats. 5/5

Full Fathom 5 Coffee + Coconut Porter: With a black body and light brown head, the coffee smell is defintely present. The beer has a soft coffee flavour and a very little hint of coconut coming through. 4/5
Eternal Waves Session IPA: Definitely not heavily carbonated. This is a pale straw or golden colour. It has a citrus smell and a slight bitter taste. 4/5

Dexter Salted Caramel Milk Stout: A very dark beer, with an off white foamy head. It is less viscous than Guinness usually is and has a caramel smell. Overall, it is slightly sweet and has a creamy taste. Top two! 4.5/5

I also wanted to share a review of this month's box, ahead of Christmas. It would be a great present idea for any beer lover. It gives you a chance to try unique craft beers you wouldn't otherwise know about usually. If you used my code, it will also give you 50% off your first box!