The Benefits of Healthcare Professionals in Scrubs

I'm so excited that my trust has decided to switch our uniforms from the classic restrictive attire to formal scrubs. These won't be the scrubs that we will wear in theatre, but they will be fitted and non-casual. I actually got fitted for mine back in April but they're only just been rolled out. Sadly, mine still haven't arrived but I hope that shortly I will get to see them in person, for myself. They're meant to be a royal blue but still with a white banding style. Ahead of me switching myself, I thought it would be interesting to look at the benefits of wearing scrubs for healthcare professionals. 

My trust actually decided to switch to scrubs last year, well before there were talks of the national reforms and creating a standardised uniform across the country. I personally think it would be a great idea to do this, like it would be to have the same IT systems nationally, but unfortunately, I think it will be a long time coming yet and something I am glad the trust hasn't waited for. I do however think, having an entire staff body switch uniform is a massive waste of materials and I hate to think of the damage to the planet and the environment. I'm currently looking at being able to donate both my old student and old staff uniforms. I know less economically advanced countries around the world would surely appreciate them so perhaps we could organise a mass delivery abroad.

I honestly can't wait to switch and for mainly one reason: practicality. The uniform I currently have is an absolute nightmare to wash. It is thick, takes ages to dry and won't iron to save my life. It's also hot, scratchy and not very stretchy, meaning by the end of a 12 and a half hour shift, it's not the comfiest. Scrubs are quite literally formal pyjamas to me. They allow for a comfort, stretchy waist band and makes it easies to contort to awkward positions without constraints. They're lightweight so easy to wash and quick to dry. Likewise, they don't have the stupid collars and multiple crease possibilities. 

Ours are also meant to be specifically manufactured to protect against bacteria and other types of infections. This is an added protection for both patient and staff alike. Of course, with Covid, it's been a massive worry for a lot of professionals, so that brings added piece of mind. Of course, given the darker colours, they will also be much more suitable in a profession which creates a lot of bodily fluids. I haven't seen the true colour just yet, and unlike colleagues, I actually didn't hate the lilac - with it being my favourite colour! - but of course, lilac shows up everything. 

As you can see, I can't wait. If you're a healthcare professional, would you prefer to wear a traditional uniform or scrubs? Let me know in the comments below, and I'll share pictures when I get my hands on my own!