How to throw a Halloween Party!

As you all probably know, I love celebrating anything and everything. Give me a holiday event and I will make a big deal out of it...Valentine's Day, Easter, Birthdays, Halloween and Christmas! Which is one of the reasons I'm struggling with my Christmas off duty this year. Anyway, this year I threw my first Halloween party and I had so much fun, especially in the organising and planning aspect. Whilst the guest list ended up a little smaller than I had originally anticipated, it was still a success. 

1. Decor

Halloween decorations is a must. This year I went a little more sophisticated in the lounge area, sticking to neutral shades matching my permanent decor, then a switched to orange in the hallway instead. Depending on whether it's a children's party or more for adults, you can gage your style. Since I decorated, I added a boo sign with balloons above the table and also popped some table sequins on the table, before finishing with carving tools and buying Halloween paper plates and cups. 

Don't forget to include the entryway in this. I usually have tape up on the door, but would love an autumnal wreath. Plus, the carved pumpkins are the best!

2. Food

Of course, all parties need food and a Halloween party is no different. I went relatively simple with 3 trays: crisps, salad and nibbles. We also had pizzas and garlic bread and then to finish a cheese board treats.

3. Drinks

A well stocked fridge is also a must. We had a selection of soft drinks and alcoholic beverages, including Fanta, Diet Coke and Lemonade, and then White Wine, Red Wine, Processo, Cider and Beer. Lots of beers!

4. Baked Goods

Halloween always calls for a baked treat. Last year we made some fun character cupcakes and this year we went more simple. I bought in some Halloween cupcake cases with pumpkin toppers, then made chocolate chip cupcakes with orange and chocolate icing to finish them off. 

5. Music 

Music is probably the easiest. If you have an Alexa or a phone with a speaker, get a playlist on Amazon Music or Spotify and let the bot control the soundtrack to the night.

6. Games

Whether you have kids around, or are a big kid like myself, I love a party game. This time I went with the theme and bought a couple of fun but affordable games. We had Halloween Bingo, Pin the Nose of Frankenstein and Spider Splat. They were great fun!

7. Costumes

Don't forget the all important costumes that are essential for the event. I was torn between two outfits but went for a gladiator in the end. Luke went for his usual Robin Hood.

8. Sweets  

Finally, even hosting a party, you still need to be prepared for trick or treaters. Get a bucket or a bag filled with sweets or chocolate in treat sized, and eat the leftovers if there are any!

What did you do for Halloween this year? Did you have a good time? Any party throwing tips?