Halloween Decor Reveal 2021!

If you saw last week's post, you'll have seen I purchased some Halloween decorations from In Other Word Designs and I am in love. As soon as I got them, I wanted to decorate straight away but I wanted to wait to share the full reveal until I’d put up the old ones as well  

Of course, first and foremost, I’ve got this cute sign up in the kitchen. It was originally in the lounge but it’s now on my cupboard door which just gets less use and traffic. 

On and around the television I’ve put up the spider web and fake spiders. 
The main area is the dining room table. Hanging from the canvas’s I have a bag banner. Then on the table I have the majority of my In Other Word Designs purchases. I have two cream pumpkins, plus the bat and pumpkin wire images. I also still have my yellow candle and two new solar lights I’ve purchased for outside. They’re a navy blue so work well in the lounge for the interim period as they add a little bit of a spooky element. These are both from Go Outdoors, which is sadly going out of business. 
In the kitchen, I have my green pumpkin next to my home sign and plant, with its new sign. 
Moving onto the hallway, this is the orange and black area. I can’t wait to add pumpkins soon. I’ll try to remember to update the post when I add them. In the entry way I have my hanging “Boo” sign which I just love. 
Up the stairs, I have my pumpkin bunting, with my carving tools in a basket at the top and a homemade wooden carving going up the stairs. 
Finally, on the upstairs landing, I have my two little sparking glitter pumpkins. I’ll share last years Halloween decor haul here too. 
And that’s it! Not too much but I absolutely love it. I was originally just going for the more sophisticated look, but of course I had to add some tasteful tack in there too! Which pieces are your favourite?