My Favourite Modest Lingerie Options

 Following on from last week's blog post on swimwear I thought I would share some of my favourite "modest" lingerie options. This isn't necessarily a post I would normally talk about or share on hear, but I am very open and honest when it comes to most topics so why not! I really struggled to find pieces I felt sexy and comfortable in so if any one else in the same boat, here we go. Once's all about Amazon!

Babydoll Nightwear Lace. I love this dress style of lingerie as, like previously mentioned, my area of concern is my tummy and I love my breasts. This one has the lace detail on the cleavage, whilst also having an in built supportive bra and a stretchy waistband. 

Deep V-Neck Nightwear. This one has much less coverage and shows a lot more skin, but I still feel somewhat protected. I love the deep v-neck and although it doesn't have much breast support, it cinches in nicely at the waist. 

Soft Halter Neck. I got this one in red for slightly more passion. I love the criss cross detail at the front and I can't lie, it's really flattering! I will however say, the pants are truly horrendous...I can't wear them. 

Chemise Teddy Neckline. Unlike the former, the pants of this one actually fit a normal human body. I also got it in purple which is my favourite colour. It's a more mesh like dress area but it's floaty and airy which I like. 

Which is your favourite? What type of lingerie do you like? Let me know in the comments below.