Homethings Sustainable Eco-Friendly Cleaning Subscription (Review)

As you know, my goal for this year is trying to be more sustainable with everyday life. One huge aspect of that is cleaning products. I came across Homethings at the start of the year and quickly signed up and bought their starter set. I loved the meaning behind their products but also how stylish the kit is. They specialise in refillable cleaning products that make sense. From cleaning sprays, dishwasher tabs and laundry pods, they are all eco-friendly refillable and actually clean well. They simply provide product tabs and you add water.

My box arrived quickly and safely at my house, with days of ordering. Everything was well-packaged and secure inside, using recyclable materials, and no plastic. 

Upon opening the box, the lid explains how to create the product and the items included. In the top of the box, is a small black box. This contains the 3 tabs. In the starter kit, you get one of each item. 1x Allthings for general purpose, Baththings for the bathroom and Shinythings for reflective surfaces. The tabs are packaged in home compostable sachets and I actually noticed one of them starting to disintegrate a little as it had been left a while as I was using my old products first. 

Each tab has a signature colour and scent, which is linked to the bottle colour and surprisingly, the colour the water turns as well! The signature scents are what makes our sprays smell even better. Allthings smells of Grapefruit and Mandarin, Baththings of Lavender and Tonka Bean and Shinythings of Peony. For me, they're perfect because they smell lovely without be overpowering or two strong, which makes them really nice. 
When I signed up, they only had one type of starter pack which was the one made from glass. They use high quality borosilicate glass, that is more shatter and heat resistant whilst also being dishwasher safe. They now have an alternative option which is slightly cheaper and made from 100% recycled plastic. The trigger of both is made of plastic which are easier to downcycle. The sleeves are ergonomical, soft and made of silicone for durability.

So do they work? As you can tell, the one I use the most is Allthings. I absolutely love this product because it makes me feel good that I'm not using harsh chemicals in my house and the fact that it smells lovely too. I think it works okay, but I do find myself spraying more than usual to remove stubborn food splashes. I like the Baththings one, for both the smell and to remove build up. However, I don't love the Shinythings. I use it mainly on the taps and door handles, but it doesn't seem to make them super shiny. I've recently bought some new mico-fibre cloths so I'm going to see if they make any difference and I'll keep you updated!

It really is so simple. Fill with water, add tablets to turn it into efficient cleaning product. I genuinely really love them and thought it was kind of magical watching them fizz and dissolve, then colour change the water. Get £5 off your first order, meaning you only pay for the bottles that you then reuse for the rest of your life.