My Third Covid Vaccine Booster!

We are now being advised to have a coronavirus (COVID-19) booster vaccine 6 months after the second dose, to improve and to give longer-term protection. Although people have sounded sceptical of this, many vaccines are given as routine three injections. All of these common childhood vaccines include: 6-in-1 (previously DPT), MMR, meningitis C, meningitis B and HPV. 

The booster dose will be either the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine or Moderna vaccine. This means your booster dose may be different from the vaccines you had previously. Only those not able to have these will be given the Oxford/AstraZeneca. 

I had my booster 6 months to the day after my 2nd dose. I had my appointment at 5.30pm, and went to work bright and early the next day. You can read my experience of my first and second doses here. I would say this time around I had a slightly sore arm, but nothing in comparison to the first. I was still able to lie on it to sleep that night. Other than that, I was fine until about 24 hours later, when I had an awful pounding headache. Now I get headaches normally anyway, but haven't had a bad one for a while. I also hadn't drunk very much so it could be a combination of multiple things. It did go away with paracetamol and ibuprofen and I was fine the next day. 

I know so many people are still reluctant to have it when you look on social media, but the vast majority of people have had it. I only know 3 people personally who haven't had it. I think looking at these statistics from Simple Politics it's clear to see that the vaccinated population are much less likely to be hospitalised. Although numbers are higher, this is because more of the population is vaccinated, therefore it's important to look at the per 100,000 figures. 

Have you been vaccinated? What are your thoughts?