Smear Test, Covid Booster and Belated Bash!

I got some bonus' with my Ocado delivery, had my first smear test and my covid booster vaccine, plus we finally celebrated some big birthdays!

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. 

I don't think I showed my first Ocado order but I really was very impressed. A few weeks later, I got a voucher for a £30 bundle of food items, then the week after that I got invited to review some products. There were a few different items to pick from but I liked them all so decided to add them all to my basket. I can't even begin to explain how happy I am with Ocado. I would defintely recommend the service to anyone. If you haven't yet placed your first order, click here or use code to get £25 off your first order. 

Luke and I did go out for a little double date night at the pub with Harriet and David. They have recently got engaged so it was nice to finally see them and catch up. I gave them their present finally, and although it might not be something they necessarily wanted, I hope it will come in useful. 

The last two weeks have actually been quite eventful. I had my first smear test, after a little bit of a traumatic first experience. I will be sharing all about it next week so stay tuned for the full story time. I also had my third covid vaccine booster. I've already talked about my experience, so if you're interested, click here to read. 

I did go back to Wakefield for a short weekend break. We celebrated with a "Big Belated Birthday Bash". It was my step-dad's 60th, step-uncle's 70th and step-grandma's 85th. There was a huge party at a local farm. There was about 250 guests and it was a good night, with a nice set up and good music with the band, but it wasn't without it's issues. The caterers didn't have anywhere near enough food, and a lot of people didn't get any. I had a fair amount but they only had 2 dessert platters. Personally, I would complain but I don't think they did. The coach back was also over half an hour late to pick us up and to top it off, everyone was drunk and yelling at each other. Not quite the fun ending I'd had planned. 

The next day, we had a later start to the day. Mum went and got everyone a Gregg's bacon sandwich for breakfast, and then we had a relaxing afternoon before enjoying a Sunday roast in the evening. It was a beautiful day, so whilst most people went for a long walk, I went to see my grandma and then sunbathed in the garden. 

To end the week, we had a short little canal walk, before having a date night. We ordered from a new place that I hadn't been to before. I actually can't remember the name but the portions were huge, far too many chips, and not that tasty to be honest. Never the less, it was good to chill and watch some television together.