Gousto: Meal Subscription Box (Review)

 As you guys know, I've been getting Hello Fresh at least once a month for the majority of this year. After a poor experience with the last box, I decided it was time to switch things up, so instead I ordered my meal subscription box with Gousto this week. Having done some research, Gousto is the leading sustainable company in it's field. By planning and pre-portioning ingredients, meal subscription boxes reduce food waste to almost zero and Gousto ensures ingredients include as much British meat and produce as possible.

The box came early in the morning, when unfortunately I was at work. Luckily, it's packaged with a separate area for fridge ingredients which are guaranteed to stay fresh for 12 hours. I liked that these were in a separate box, despite meaning slightly more waste. I also thought it was nice that instead of having a huge bag for each meal, the dry ingredients are all portioned together. 

Meal 1: Garlic Chicken Kiev with Green Beans
This chicken was AMAZING! It tasted so fresh and the flavour was incredible. I was surprised the garlic wasn't under the breadcrumbs, but instead more of a dip, unlike a usual kiev. It did mean the chicken was lovely and crisp which was quite nice. Also, I was surprised the new potatoes had oil on rather than butter, and I actually enjoyed the healthier alternative. 9/10.
Meal 2: Salt and Pepper Chicken with Egg Fried Rice
I was so excited to try this and I was not disappointed. The egg fried rice was delicious and this is defintely a recipe I will be utilising again and again. Flavourful and simple to make, despite the usual lengthy process. I also really liked the salt and pepper chicken so I think I have a new Chinese favourite. 9/10.
Meal 3: Cheesy Breaded Basa with Mediterranean Vegetables
Without a doubt, my favourite meal in the box. The potatoes were soft and crispy, the vegetables were tasty but Luke added a little too much water so ours were a little watery but the fish was to die for. I loved the cheesy breadcrumb combination. I actually didn't find it super cheesy but it just added an incredible flavour. The fish was fresh and flaky. Simply put, I've been dreaming of this fish ever since! 10/10.
Meal 4: Creamy Pesto Pasta with Chicken and Spinach
I would never personally pick pesto because I don't actually like the flavour but the pasta in this tasted really nice. The added ingredients together made the sauce creamy and cheesy, with the pesto very subtle. The downside to this meal was the chicken. I hated it. I actually barely ate any of it because it was very chewy and made me feel a little icky. Luke enjoyed it, but even without, the dish was still fulling. Shockingly, I also quite enjoyed the spinach. I hate pretty much all vegetables but I am slowly trying to add them to my diet. I didn't love the pick pieces, but the little bits throughout the dish, added a nice texture to each bite. As a bonus, it took less than 10 minutes to make and the pasta only 4 minutes to boil! It's the perfect quick night time meal after a busy shift. 7/10.

Overall, I absolutely loved the meal subscription box from Gousto. The meals were fresh, healthy and tasty. They were also simple to follow, easy and quick to make. I loved that all the ingredients had great dates on them, so they could be used at any point in the following week. If you want to get your own, you can get 60% off your first box. That makes an incredible 8 meals for just £14!