My First Experience Working Christmas

When I received my Christmas off duty, I was honestly heartbroken. I couldn't have imagined anything worse, but as the days got closer, I got more and more excited. My mum decided to throw an early Christmas which was actually going to have more people that the original. Then, my cousin, her partner and her mother got Covid so it ended up being a little smaller. With everyone coming and going, it wasn't a normal Christmas so for me, it wasn't too fun. 

I was told on my last shift before Christmas that we would get a voucher for a 5 piece breakfast, lots of snacks and also a cooked lunch from the meal service. I didn't take any food with me and it actually made me quite excited. From talking to everyone, they all seemed to say people were generally in happy moods and staff were supportive. 

I arrived at work, and within minutes asked to switch areas. The manager of the day had said that there were 3 postnatal women that needed to be warded. No one else put their hand up, so I volunteered, thinking I would come back in a couple of hours. When I got to labour suite, two had only just delivered, both needed everything doing, including breastfeeding support, suturing and the computer system. I ended up taking one lady to the ward and then to the neonatal unit, not handing her over as I was told I would be back, so I had to hand her over later. Due to staffing levels on the floor, I had to keep the last postnatal and I did end up doing an early discharge which was lovely but nevertheless, still not what I had anticipated. 

The whole day was a very strange for a Christmas Day. I discharged a gorgeous new family home, almost welcomed a Christmas baby with a lovely couple I looked after all afternoon and was reunited with a couple I’d seen previously. Despite the fact I had a lovely team to work with, I was the only one working the full day on labour suite and everyone else switched at lunchtime, which was a little depressing. 

When I got home I just sobbed. I wanted an Uber Eats takeaway as I had a voucher for £10 off thanks to being an NHS staff member. Of course, the voucher didn't work and when I questioned it with Uber, they said it was because there was a set amount and they were all used by mid-afternoon. Well, surely it's the people on the long shift who deserved it more. I picked up a takeaway from a small place on the way home and it was terrible. The garlic bread was burnt and the chicken nuggets with chips were bland. To top it off, the manager said I should take my mask off, and Covid-19 didn't exist...perfect! 

I think I am just very much a family orientated individual, so to be away from them just wasn't fun. I found it so hard and it was just made worse, seeing pictures and messages from everyone having fun. I've ended up requesting a week's annual leave over next year's Christmas so we will see if it gets approved. I have everything crossed. 

How was your Christmas this year? I hope it was better than mine!