2021 Rewind

I did my first year long rewind last year and it took my days to create the video. I love looking back on it but quite honestly, it was not worth the time or the energy. I still think looking back on the memories is fun, so this year I thought I would do a little summary of exactly what happened month-by-month, plus there is a little short up on YouTube! 


The year started off with a small, yet perfect New Year's Eve party. I found out I officially graduated university with a first degree honours, then I said goodbye to family and moved back to Nottingham to continue lockdown. I started my first ever job working as a midwife, got my first Covid-19 vaccine and after a little isolation to be on the safe side, I finally got to see Luke again. 


Covid outdoor walks and meet ups were back with a vengeance. I got to see my cousin, some friends and also my partner. As I live alone, his household was my bubble. We also celebrated our second Valentine's Day together, this time with a treasure hunt.


With the weather improving, we had more walks but also a romantic night stargazing too. I also struggled with life as a newly qualified midwife. It has amazing highs, but incredible lows. I had a few rough shifts, but then was surprised with the most lovely gift from a truly wonderful family. I also got my second Covid-19 vaccine!


Sadly, this month was met with a sad goodbye to my little puppy, Holly, and I was devastated I never got my goodbye. I decorated for Easter for the first time, baked an Easter cake and even had an egg treasure hunt. Lockdown finally eased, calling for a much needed hair cut and meeting friends in public and private outdoor areas. To top it off, I got to see my mum's side of the family for the first time this year! 


May was a busy month. I fell in love with meal subscription boxes, starting with Hello Fresh, and enjoyed my first week of annual leave employed. I spent some time with my mum, reunited with high school friends and took a day trip to Lincoln. Of course, a big highlight was my cousin getting married!


More annual leave meant for a jam packed week. We went to York, Bridlington, Wakefield and Leeds. I celebrated my birthday at my mum's...limo included! Before heading across to Wales to see my dad for the first time this year. We celebrated a belated birthday, as well as Father's Day. To top it off, I also got to see my sister and her family; you better bet I gave my niece and nephew the biggest hugs. 


A summer filled with sports is a summer I love. We spent a lot of time watching the football and Wimbledon matches, enjoyed planting flowers in the garden and went to a much-missed smaller scaled Great Yorkshire Show. 


Graduation month was a little bit of a flop. We sadly missed out on an official celebration, but one of the girls hosted an incredible night. We had another lovely week split between Wales and Wakefield, complete with a double night and a hot air balloon festival. 


A surprisingly hot September allowed for a visit from my sister and niece, meeting her for the second time! I had a surprise hair cut and then finally got to go on a proper staycation. We headed to the Lake District and he even surprised me with 24 hours in Edinburgh. It was a lovely glamping holiday, with a private log fired hot tub. To end the month, I had my booster vaccine and celebrated a big birthday party for 3. 


Of course, I had to decorate for Halloween bright and early. I planned and hosted a Halloween party, with lots of last minute cancellations, meaning there was just 4 people in the end sadly. I also took mum to the pumpkin festival for the first time and it was amazing. 


Remember, remember the 5th of November...the hot tub finally arrived! I also had a little Bonfire Night celebration at my mum's. Later on the month, we had some annual leave for Luke's birthday. We went to Chester Zoo, explored Chester and then headed to Wales to see my dad. We returned and celebrated the special day at a local pub with Luke's family. 


Finally, the last month was a little busy. I finished my rotation in the community and said goodbye to an incredible team. I got to meet our beautiful new puppy, Floki, then headed down to London to meet up with Luke. We explored some new-to-me parts of the city, ate the most expensive breakfast, visited all the Christmas markets and enjoyed Six the Musical. Christmas cancels got a little bit cancelled, but we had an early celebration with soma family, welcomed our new puppy into the family and had a chilled Christmas Eve. I ended up working Christmas Day but for Boxing Day, I headed to Luke's family to celebrate. To end the year, we went on a Chinese double date before isolating with Covid-19.