December Round Up!

This series has been fun to do but 2021 is now over. It didn't quite go how I anticipated and I often found it quite repetitive. Perhaps, it was because I have been in community, and quite busy with little downtime, but I think I am going to end this mini series or challenge here. I've done it every month for the year of 2021 and I love the chance to reflect, but I may do it in another way going forward. 

Book: I'm once again half way through two Christmas books this month. First is Christmas Shopaholic by Sophie Kinsella and the second, One Perfect Christmas and Other Stories by Paige Toon. Both author's I love!

Film: I've walked a lot of cheesy Christmas films as usual this year and I love it, but I wouldn't say any of them were great. I would recommend The Unforgiveable with Sandra Bullock which was really emotive, plus I watched the first Spiderman in preparation for the new release and I loved it. 

TV Show: Family Reunion is the perfect easy going show. I also watched the second series of Emily in Paris straight through, and started Hawkeye on Disney. 

Podcast: I've been quite behind on Podcasts over the past couple months so I finally caught up with Famtastic Four and they haven't done any for the past few weeks so I'm excited for more soon. 

Blogger: I hadn't realise that Abby from Twist me Pretty, had been sending emails to my junk inbox, so I have been catching up with some of her posts. 

YouTuber: I've fallen back in love with Ellie and Jared. This month, so many people did vlogmas, so it was hard to stay on top of them all but Ellie and Jared also vlogged the entire process of building and moving into their new house. 

Personal Blog Post: I really loved sharing my Christmas present haul. It's the easiest type of post to write, but one of my favourites to look back on overt the years. 

Personal Vlog: I loved visiting Wakefield and spending some time up there. It was so lovely to meet the newest addition to the family and celebrate my grandma's birthday too. 

Personal Memory: My favourite memory this month is seeing Luke with the new puppy. It's not quite watching your man with a baby, but it's a close second. 

Summary: December was a busy month. I had a week's annual leave, spending time with family in Wakefield and a few busy days in London too. Of course, it was also Christmas and New Year's too.

Inspiring: Being back with labouring women is pretty inspiring. Women have such power!

Frightening: Honestly, dodging Covid-19 has been a goal of mine so when my family got Covid-19, I was really worried. Then, Luke tested positive after spending a couple days together and I ended up feeling rubbish too. I am still waiting for a PCR test at the moment, but currently, the LFTs remain negative. 

Next Month: January starts a new year and new beginnings. I'll be starting it in bed, feeling sorry for myself, so the only way is up! 

Welcome to 2022 everyone. I hope you a have a great year!