Puppy Loves, Grandma's Birthday and Christmas Decs!

I had a week’s annual leave, starting with a few days at my mum’s house. I met our new puppy, enjoyed the hot tub and celebrated grandma’s birthday. 
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After my last shift as a community midwife, I woke up relatively early to take all my equipment back to the office. I was originally planning to head to my mum’s that night but was a little too tired so had a small change of plans. Instead, Luke came over after archery and then stayed the night. I enjoyed a lovely breakfast in bed on bacon and scrambled eggs with toast before he headed off. I did end up staying a couple extra hours to catch up with some television, and then got caught in traffic on the way back. 

My mum, her husband and my sister were heading out for a work Christmas party so I had the house to myself. I had a little bit of an intruder scare but managed to enjoy the hot tub in the rain for an hour, then finished wrapping all my Christmas presents and starting on washing. All in all, it was a very relaxing night. 
The next day, we headed to my mother’s brother in law’s house. His wife breeds Norfolk Terrier’s and despite having had big dogs my entire life, this time mum’s getting a little one! The puppies are now 9 weeks old and oh so gorgeous. They’d already met them once, picked the puppy and named it Floki. 
I’m not going to lie, the name wasn’t my favourite when I first heard it but he is absolutely beautiful and well and truly suits it. It’s grown on me! He is the largest of the bunch, very calm and relaxed. I cuddled him in my arms for the first 15 minutes before letting Jess and mum have a cuddle. As he got more tired, he went to his own little corner. He reminds me so much of myself and my grandma, hiding and wanting his own space. I’m not quite sure he will get that as much when he comes here! 
Monday was a relaxing day. I caught up on Neighbours, Home and Away, Call the Midwife and Sort your Life Out. It felt good to be finally getting caught up. I also watched Superman and Lois. It looks like a new television show on BBC, but the first episode was great. I can’t wait for the another. Next up Grey’s Anatomy and Station 19. That evening we had fajitas, before enjoying the hot tub! 

On Tuesday, we celebrated grandma's birthday with presents and a little meal planned with her sisters. It was a lovely and peaceful night. The food was yummy, the cake amazing and to finish it off we played a few games of dominoes. My family love playing for money so I didn't play the first round and then mum said she would pay for me in the second. I ended up starting with £0 and then won both the first and last so came out with over £9! I don't think the others were too impressed to be honest but I had fun. Once they left, we jumped in the hot tub.