Christmas Gift Guide for Children 2021: Newborns, Toddlers and Children

Following on from my Christmas gift guide for her, I thought I’d share one for the kids. I have a fair few in my life, having cousins with kids and of course being an auntie to three little ones. I’ve also this year had the opportunity to work with companies and receive some gifted items which feature in this gift guide. Here's a few suggestions from all the age groups, from birth to pre-teen. 

When I was growing up, the magic of Christmas was kept alive by parents. I'm not ashamed to admit that I believed in Santa until I was at least 12 years old. It was in fact a younger cousin who spoilt the surprise for me. Nowadays, there are lots of companies that you can work with to bring that magic into your house. My sister organised Santa and an Elf to visit the house last year and I know the children loved it. For me, a letter from Santa would be incredible and as I child, I would have been blown away.

Lapland letters provides perfect, magical and personalised letters from Santa. There are so many different letters available, which means there is an ideal one for every individual. The buyer can add unique information including: the child’s name, age, address and the town where Santa is to visit them on Christmas Eve. It also mentions a best friend’s name and the gift the child would like on Christmas morning. Then to finish it off, you can select the signature and add a note to highlight a special achievement, milestone, or memory.
For a limited time, every order of a Santa letter and bumper Santa activity pack will include a free personalised 2021 ‘Good Child List’ certificate, a Christmas countdown, Christmas Eve treat sheet, as well as an invitation to join the Lapland Elf Club! Everything pictured is double sided and so beautifully designed. 

Alternatively, for children that are quickly growing up and no longer believe in Santa, there is a gorgeous option for another letter, which explains the history of Christmas through Santa's Secret letter. It gives them responsibility to share with younger siblings and family members, so keeps the Christmas magic alive for a few more years. This could also be a great Elf on the Shelf idea!

If you've followed my blog for the last few years, for each of my nieces and nephew's first few Christmas', I have purchased them a unique handknitted and handcrafted limited Cuddle + Kind doll. For my oldest niece I picked Willow because she loved ice-cream. For my nephew, I went for a dog because he was always a cuddly and playful baby. For my youngest niece, I bought her the fox because she'll forever be my little fox, both because of her red hair and her birth story!
I also love Pebble Child for their beautiful toys. They have such a huge selection of items and some are great for older children, like the families and cars, but I love them the most for their baby rattles and teethers. These are a few I bought a few years ago and I've slowly been giving them out as new baby gifts. I just think they are all so sweet! 
Of course, you also can't go wrong with a personalised onsie. There are so many other alternatives too, but having bought from here previously, I know they are high quality. The clothing is super soft and safe for babies, whilst also having secured writing, withstanding washing without fading. 

I feel like the toddler stage is always the age I struggle with. Bath toys are always a great call. Over the years, I have bought a few different ones and the most loved have been the interactive ones. For a friend previously, I've bought a floating octopus that also acts as a game. Then not dissimilarly, an Octopals game, which has suction cups and also acts as draining cup for a fun sensory game.  
I also think it's great to get young children gifts that match their parents, as they always want to copy, yet aren't quite old enough to realise the difference. You can get remote controls, cameras and even phones!
Of course, books are always a great choice in my eyes when it comes to children's presents. For babies and toddlers, I love durable books that are crinkly, so when I came across these in a set of 4, I thought they were ideal! They cover four key topics: first words, ABC, letters and numbers. They are all plastic coated and padded, making them safe, soft but also ensure they float!

Continuing, here's a few of the books I've bought for older children over the years. It's important to fit their age group. I love buying the hardbacks for the younger children and then the twists on the traditional tales. One of my favourite for the older children, are the Tom Fletcher "The Christmasaurus" series!
I love forcing kids to play outdoors, but they often get bored quickly without an activity to do. Kidz Play is a company I came across earlier this year, and I love that they focus on outdoor activities through STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Art). Each month they have a new box theme, then one also for the year. This year's was Bee themed and then I bought the Bug Hotel Kit for my nephew! 
Of course, I also try to get some fun games in there. My little sister has always been the food aunt so with inspiration from her, this year I've bought the kids a ping pong air shoot game. Over the years they've also had air hockey, table football and mini pool. 
In case you didn't know, Luke and I met at archery. There was a time I did it 3 to 4 times a week and loved every second of it. For my niece's birthday, I bought suction archery kit from Decathalon and it's a blast to play in the summer. I'm surprised at how high quality it is and it's defintely durable if used correctly! 

Finally, Lego is a great idea for most children. I personally hate the stuff but nearly every child I know asks for more and more every year. There are great large sets, then add on creations in every possible theme going. Last year, I bought underwater themed products, but my niece this year is requesting all the Star Wars. 

As a little add on, bath bombs are super cute extras to pop on top of the package or in a stocking. I try to get a fun shape, with exciting colours, like rainbows or popping candy. I do try cheaper alternatives, but Lush always comes out on top. The products and ingredients used are environmentally friendly, safe to skin and ideal for sensitive skin types. This year, I've gone for a hippo and a cow!
I hope you’ve enjoyed these gift guides. I’ll be sharing my mixed gift guide as usual with presents I’ve bought for people this year in December, but I really struggle with gift ideas for men. If you’ve got any good ideas, do leave them in the comments below!