November Round Up

November has been a truly lovely month for me. I got some much needed annual leave, caught up with some work and got to see lots of my family. It's been much needed! We also celebrated a birthday and decorated for Christmas! 

Book: No books for me this month. It will be a new goal for next year. This is the worst year ever for me and reading! 

Film: I loved two of the new films on Netflix. Afterlife of the Party was amazing. It was fun and easy going, but also heart-breaking and I truly sobbed at the lantern seen. I also watched Red Notice the day it was released and loved every second of it. It had a fantastic cast, was funny but also serious and action packed. Definitely recommend!

TV Show: We've of course started watching I'm a Celebrity, but we also watched the second series of Another Life which was perfect. I think they may still do another season, but I loved the ending, and although there are many more avenues the series could take, I am very happy with how it has finished. I've also loved the new season of Good Girls! 

Podcast: Beneath the Sheets has been my go to this week! I love Kyra and Hannah has been growing on me. Whilst they are hugely inaccurate in many of the conversations, I love how easy going, honest and realistic they are about their sexual experiences and open to having the conversation. I have tried to get Luke to listen to it too, but he's not quite got into it the same way. 

Blogger: I've been loving writing and finding my items for my gift guide, so I've also been doing some research and reading everyone's gift guides. They're so fun! Definitely a lot of dreamy items out there!

YouTuber: Life with Beans has been one of the few channels I've stayed up to date with this month. I was completely shocked when they announced they were surprisingly expecting baby number 9 in February. I can't believe there is only a few months to go! 

Personal Blog Post: Organising and simplifying life is a big passion of mine so when I started organising my kitchen last month, I was really excited to share some tips and what I've done to make my small rented space a little more homely. I love some of the changes! 

Personal Vlog: I got to have a few trips away from Nottingham this month. I loved celebrating Halloween and Bonfire Night, of course using the hot tub as well!  

Personal Memory: My favourite memory this month is probably Luke's birthday. I wasn't in the best mood after the mess up of breakfast and he was so sweet and caring. He went out of his way to make me feel loved, even though he was the one who was meant to feel special. 

Summary: This month, I've been to Wakefield and seen the new renovations, plus been on a little break too to celebrate Luke's birthday. We headed to Chester for a couple days, before leaving to see my dad in Wales. A couple weeks later, I got to see my sister and my niece and nephew which was the best! 

Inspiring: I had a second mortgage application completed and can actually afford slightly more than I originally thought. I've seen a few houses to view so we will see if they go through. 

Frightening: I had an awful drive back to the hospital a couple of weeks ago. A car was driving fast then slow and I saw him almost cut off a land drover on a roundabout, then he switched lanes quickly, and I had to do an emergency break at 40mph to stop a crash. I phoned the police for the first time ever. It was certainly an experience. 

Next Month: It's officially Christmas and it'll be my first one working. I was a little upset at first but I'll talk more about plans soon! 

Can you believe it's nearly the end of the year? Has it gone fast for you too?