Smol: Non-Bio Laundry Pods (Review)

I've reviewed Smol before, but this time I'm trying their newer, non-biological laundry pods. Smol creates high performing, eco-friendly cleaning products which are conveniently delivered to your home at affordable prices. 

The products are efficient and affordable, whilst not missing out on quality or sustainability. The products are entirely plastic-free and packaging is fully recyclable. Similarly, they are animal cruelty free and Leaping Bunny certified. They are suitable for both vegetarians and vegans. I usually use biological detergents, but I thought I would try to non-biological ones for once. Bio includes enzymes to break down common stains, whereas non-bio doesn’t and can be better for people with sensitive skin. I would still use bio for uniform as it is better at cleaning clothes but I found some of my more expensive clothing, it can be a bit harsh. 

I absolutely love them and I actually think I prefer the non-biological subtype. First of all, the colour is much more suitable for the theme of my kitchen which I love. I continue to love the small size and quantity of tablets, which is ideal for my small kitchen, plus it means that I don't have excess clutter. The subscription options allows you to input your washes per week, so you'll never run out, and you can order bring the date forward if you do, for next day shipping. 

I found my clothes come out of the wash smelling fresher, which I prefer, and they are a lot softer, which is lovely on my skin, especially my jumpers! I genuinely am quite shocked that I prefer these but so far, I do. I've not noticed a difference in cleanliness of the items so they still work great to remove stains and odour. 

I just love these products. They're effective and efficient. Get your first trial pack for free now!