My Third Master's Module "Professional Midwifery Advocate Preparation"

I actually started my third master's module back at the start of May, even doing some preliminary reading in April, however it's been a busy few months and so I'm only now getting around to writing it. I did draft some initial thoughts prior to starting, so this is more so explaining what the module is about and what I was expecting before starting. 

My third and final module of the first year of my Master's degree was an optional module, the one and only optional module of the year. There were a lot of options available to select from, with some being in person and some being online. Despite being a distance learner, I was still allowed to pick any of the options, but would be require to attend face to face sessions in Cambridge. The options were:

  • Advanced Non-Medical Prescribing
  • Applied Leadership and Management
  • Care of the Critically Unwell Woman
  • Contemporary UK Healthcare Practice
  • Safeguarding: A Collaborative Approach
  • Specialist Techniques for Medical and Healthcare Education
  • Contemporary Issues in Mental Health Care
  • Newborn Infant Physical Examination (NIPE)
  • Safeguarding: A Collaborative Approach
  • Professional Midwifery Advocate (PMA)

I was quite excited to see the range of options available and whilst I wasn't 100% decided when I applied, I knew which ones I didn't want to do as I either found the topic not as interesting or I had already done something similar or the same e.g. NIPE. I thought that despite doing the Master's it would also be quite useful to gain an extra qualification at the same time. I was very keen to do my prescribing course but the requirements were quite complicated and it would have required the hospital to release me for a number of shifts which they weren't willing to do. I also knew being employable as a PMA would put me at an advantage and it was something I was interested in potentially doing in the future so I thought it would be a great option. 

The Professional Midwifery Advocate (PMA) course is for current midwifery practitioners who wish to develop their clinical leadership skills. It is a prerequisite that the candidate has a current live registration as a midwife with the NMC. This module combines academic rigour with practical applications to create forward thinking dynamic midwifery practitioners who will have the ability to lead the services within which they work.

The PMA module will have shared teaching with the PNA module. This means that both PMA students and PNA students will benefit form an interdisciplinary approach to the subject areas and be able to view NHS organisations through a number of lenses. It also means that both PMA and PNA with have established relationships with professional advocates outside their own profession which enable them to work effectively across disciplines and establish  relationships which will benefit themselves and their organisations.

On successful completion of the module, the student will be able to undertake the role of the Professional Midwifery Advocate (PMA), and be appointable as a Professional Midwifery Advocate by their employing organisation. They will be ready to support the midwife through a process of restorative clinical supervision, personal action for quality improvement and preparedness for professional revalidation through a process of reflection.

I was really excited when signing up for the course, because it sounded very interesting and engaging. I also liked the assessment method of a workbook rather than an examination, which allowed more  creativity and flexibility as a unique option. I was also looking forward to seeing student in person, as over the 12 week programme, I was initially going to be attending in person, however they then changed it from a hybrid module to a fully online course instead a few weeks before. This was a little disappointing, however does make it more easily accessible without having to travel in. 

Stay tuned to be thoughts after (almost) completing the module!