1 Year Since Moving In (Buying my First House)

Tomorrow marks 1 year of moving into my first ever house. I am having a very belated mini house warming party with my cousin's on Sunday and I cannot wait. As most of you will probably know, the last year has possibly been the most difficult year of my life and having this house has probably been one of the biggest causes of that pain in a way. 

Before I even got into a relationship, I'd always planned to buy a house the year after I qualified, which would be January 2022. I qualified in January 2021 and always planned on starting to look the next year. He was already looking before we started dating, so I agreed that if he'd bought a house beforehand, I would move in with him, which we were both happy with. Unfortunately, he didn't buy a house in those 3 years and when I stuck to my word, he was hurt. He wanted to be the one to buy a house, but wouldn't commit to me enough to buy a house together, so when I followed through on my promise, he made the whole process unbelievably hard and was very unsupportive. 

Despite everything, I still pictured this house as my future. I envisioned him moving in with me as agreed, proposing to me in the garden, coming home together as a married couple, bringing our first baby home together. It was all in this house that I wanted to make a home. Clearly, that didn't happen and so it has taken a very long time to feel comfortable being in the house alone. Honestly, I still don't and sometimes when I close my eyes, I still picture that happy future here. 

Regardless, I moved in a year ago tomorrow and it has been a journey to say the least. I've learnt a lot, both in terms of knowledge and skills required of myself. I've built this place from scratch and truly made it my own. Everyone who comes gives me compliments and say how homely it feels. It's still not quite finished but hopefully within the next month everything will be completed and I cannot wait to share it all very soon!