Smol: Non-Bio Laundry Tablets (Review)

As a lot of you will know, I've been a long-time customer of Smol for over 3 years now. They have been the only laundry product I have used for that entire duration and I've also tried many of their other products too. A few months ago, I decided to branch out a little and instead of continuing to use their Bio option, I ordered the new Non-Bio Fragrance-Free option. This is an alternative to their non-bio and bio options. 

It wasn't until using Smol that I learnt that the pod should actually go in the washing machine first and then place the clothes on top for the best washing results. On top of tips, Smol is also an incredible company. Their products are cruelty-free, Leaping Bunny approved and free from animal-derived ingredients. They use 100% plastic-free packaging and fewer chemicals for sustainability; a unique packaging ensures a fully child-safe mechanism remains in place. This means that the box fits easily through the letterbox, and takes up very little storage, ordering the subscription earlier or later as needed. 

These tablets are non-bio as mentioned, so don't have any enzymes in, which is great for those with sensitive skin or babies. They are also fragrance-free. I actually bought these to wash some clothes for my nephew, who at the time was only 3 months old. I personally quite like the smell of the other pods, which result in clean, fresh smelling but not overpowering clothes, but wanted to try another option. I transferred them to a sealed mason jar just for aesthetics, but you can easily use the box it comes in. 

In terms of the cleaning quality of the product, I noticed absolutely no difference between this and the bio option. I did however notice the lack of scent, which in all honesty, doesn't bother me.  Of course, for those with perfume allergies or those who prefer their laundry without scent this is ideal.

I personally feel that I will still continue to use the bio option regularly, just because I feel for peace of mind, the added enzymes to clean my work clothes just makes sense. Having said that, if these were cheaper, I would defintely make the switch. At the moment both are the same price, and this colour doesn't go quite as well in my utility room, but watch this space! Get a free trial of a range of products here