Finding the Best Postal Brownies!

If you know me, you know I love brownies. In fact, it's one of my go-to desserts at most restaurants. On one trip, I had a different brownies every day for 4 days and it was great. Well, this year, in the last few months I've had four different postal brownie orders and I've been loving trying them all. 

I got one set as a gift for my birthday from my best friend from a company I hadn't personally heard of before: The Savvy Baker. I really loved the packaging and it was very fun to open. Unlike other brands, I get the feel the company is much smaller, baking on a much smaller scale and therefore hasn't quite got the mechanics in place to expand fully at present. It's the only brand where the brownies came packaged together, which is good from an environment perspective, but not so much for a allergen or storage view. I will say these brownies are good, very soft and squishy, and I was even looking at ordering some for myself but the downside is that it is a random selection which can't be selected. I received a Biscoff and Mars Bar one which were both yummy, but also a nutty texture one and an Oreo one which I didn't like as much, if at all. This comes out at £13 per box of 4, making each brownie cost £3.25. 
Beeston Brownie is a company very local to me. I've never tried them myself until my cousin treated me to one a couple of months ago on one of our walks and I fell in love. They were quite expensive, so I was quite keen to look at where to buy them cheaper when I saw they did a subscription box for 10% off. Of course, I jumped at the opportunity to try lots of the flavours, with both brownies and blondies included. These are so yummy and some of the best that I've tried. They have the smoothest texture and the most perfectly moistness with every bite. My one big complaint is that I got 3 corner pieces and 2 side pieces which I don't love. Despite the latter, it was more so the fact that they have a "Corners box" which is actually cheaper but anyway. The box is £17.05 for 6, making each brownie £2.13, and the best value for money!
For Easter, I treated myself to a selection of Easter themed brownies from a lovely small business on Not on the Highstreet called Ruby the Cake Artist. I loved these and the topics were simply perfect. Each came in a set of two wrapped and whilst these were delicious, out of all the brownies, these were the smallest as they were quite slim. The box price was £15.99, making each brownie £2.67. 
Finally, the most recent brownies I've been loving is Brown and Blond. These are originally from Yorkshire. If you buy a box, again you can't select the flavours as they come pre-selected with two of each: Salted Caramel Brownie, Triple Choc Brownie, Raspberry White Choc Brownie, Nutella Brownie, Salted Caramel Cookie Dough Brownie. I've tried a lot of their options, by far my favourite is the Lotus Biscoff brownie as it had a full Biscoff biscuit on top, as well as a secret layer of Biscoff spread in the middle which was truly delicious. The most disappointing was the Cookie Dough Brownie. It was quite well done with a thick layer of cookie mixed in. You can buy boxes in 4, 10 or 20. The smallest box of 4 brownies is £12.50, making each brownie £3.13, however they do get cheaper as the box gets larger. When I had them at the Great Yorkshire Show, they were £8 for 4 which was great value! 

I can't wait to add more to the list, but have you tried any of these? Overall, I would say Beeston Brownie is probably my favourite, for both the consistent quality and value for money, as well as speed of service. Is there any other companies I should try next?