Dock & Bay: Beach Towels (Review)

I have had these towels for quite a while now, and I don't know why I haven't shared them before today but here we are, and after sharing my next travel adventure earlier this week, I thought what a perfect time to share my opinion of these incredible towels! 

Dock + Bay are a company I have followed for a number of years. Although I do admittedly buy quite a few items, I will say that I have always carefully considered each purchase and I usually make sure I really want it, before splurging on the investment. They are the world's most stylist, compact and fastest drying towel. I love that they are so soft and literally feel like butter. I can also confirm they dry ridiculously fast after my niece spilt her glass of water on one and got muddy feet all over. The latter is another selling point as mud, dust and especially sand, slides right off!

The most impressive part of the whole company is that all the products are made from 100% recycled plastic bottles. Don't ask me how! All packaging is fully biodegradable, without excess cardboard or filler. They ensure a fair, equal and ethical working environment, aligned with the B Corp values and donate to charities.

I had originally planned for these to just be used in my back garden. As I have artificial grass, I wanted something to lie on, in order to sunbathe in the summer. If you saw the garden reveal, you would have seen that my colour scheme is coral and so a lot of the decor pieces are in that colour and I wanted this to match. In fact, it was these towels that changed the colour of choice from peach to coral, as I couldn't find a peach option!  

I absolutely love these towels. I usually don't take beach towels with me on holiday because the resorts I stay at always provide them, but I will defintely be taking these with me on my next trip because they are so soft, quick drying and package so small! They do also do other products as well as the towels in three different sizes. They now have hair wraps, dog towels, drying ponchos, beach bags, blankets and growing! If only I had a dog...
New customers can get 10% off their first order, or sometimes there are sales on their Amazon store front as well. Ps. If you are a student or a key worker, you can get 15% off their entire website too!