Travel Wall Reveal!

It's taken a little while to decide what to do with this blank wall above my second sofa, but once I had a vision it took even longer to try and make it happen. I love travelling and with single-life, it's become even more important to me to make the most and take advantage of the opportunity to go abroad whilst I have the chance. 

I've had a scratch map for a number of years, after asking for it for one of my birthdays I think. It's been missing since the renovations my mum did back during the first lockdown when we had a bit of a house flood, but I found it a few months ago, and so I bought a frame to finally hang it. It's not perfect by any means, just a cheap one from Amazon, but one that would be easy enough to take down when updating the countries I've visited. 

I fell in love with Knitte after the relationship we developed through designing my dream catcher. I asked her to make me a custom piece to go over the gap that was made at the top of map. Unfortunately, it was a little too difficult to make it cover the gap exactly so I had a slight change of plans. I ended up putting the sign above the frame and then purchasing a little mini sticker printer, selecting some holiday photos from different destinations and putting them along the top of the frame. 

I asked for a phrase related to travel, and settled with "travel the world". I also wanted a little plane to go next to it. Of course, it had to match the colour scheme of the room, so I went with Denim and Saffron. They look great! 

I wanted a floating wire design which they hadn't done before so it was a little bit of a trial, but it worked okay. I had wanted it all to be one word, but it was apparently too long to be posted, so this was switched to being two separate pieces, which I had to make seem seamless. I drilled four holes, as each part had a wire prong at either end. I would probably say my only complaint is that the prongs were a little too long, which means from the side, it doesn't stick out a little more than expected, but it's not the end of the world. I did originally also want the plane to be wire pronged, but the miscommunication probably worked out a little better. I instead hammered in two small picture hooks and so they're very much hidden. 

I love it! What do you think? Also, for those wondering why it's not central over the wall. I decided to centre it over the sofa, because I plan to add a Oak ruler at the end of the sofa. I've wanted one for years and years. I'd planned to get one as a hopeful baby shower gift one day, but I think I'll get it a little sooner because I have the perfect space for it now!