Auntie Babysitting, Decor Unboxing and Travel Wall!

I had the loveliest week with my almost all my nieces and nephews, plus had some decor updates around the house! 

Click here to watch the vlog or see below. There is also a bonus video of the kids, which if you know me personally you can see here

After spending the first half of the week with my two oldest nieces and nephews, I then spent the end of the week with my littlest nephew. It was almost the perfect week. My cousin had a work training course, so she came over for a little while beforehand to help with hanging some decor, however her son wasn't having any of it, so instead we just talked and played. 
She left around 12.30pm and then it was just the two of us for the first time ever and I had an absolute blast. First of all, we ate lunch. He'd had a few snacks prior, but then ate about half his ham and cheese toastie, all his banana and some little melt sticks. Then we played for about 20 minutes, before having a bottle. I'd made up 120mls, but he only took 30mls in the end, before beginning to get a little frustrated. Instead I cuddled him close and within minutes, he was fast asleep on my chest. He hadn't fallen asleep on me for months prior and it was so sweet. 

I sat watching This Is Us whilst he cuddled me, then transferred him to the sofa, whilst I tidied the house and opened some packages, including some decor which I unboxed on camera whilst he slept in the background! He slept the rest of the "babysitting", before waking up upset when his mum rang the doorbell. I took him outside to play in the garden and he's getting so quick at climbing and crawling. Then they headed off to head back to Yorkshire for a few days. 
The next day I started 5 night shifts in a row, so I spent the majority of the day meal prepping four delicious recipes, with two of each: chicken fried rice, pork egg noodles, roasted chicken with spiced rice and fajita pasta. I forgot to take a picture before I froze two of them but they still look soooo good. 
I didn't find the shifts too bad to be honest. I had some lovely ladies to look after and ended up receiving two lovely cards from a couple of them which was amazing. The hardest part was forcing myself to wake up early enough the next day. I ended up waking up at 1pm, and meeting my nephew and cousin to go for lunch at the pub. When we arrived, unfortunately they weren't even serving food! We had some crisps and sausage rolls instead but it wasn't quite the same. We had a little estate walk, then I headed back to eat some chicken and chips, before heading to bed for an early night. 
I also finally managed to get the wire wall art up in both the lounge and the bedroom! It was a good week for sure.