New Home Decor from In Other Words Design (Review)

12 weeks from the original order date, I have finally received my products I purchased from a small business I have loved over the years. I have ordered from In Other Words Design and have always had a great experience. I love the quality of the products and the range on offer. I ordered this time expecting no different and I'll be honest, I was a little disappointed. 

I was originally told the turnaround for 8 weeks and when that time elapsed I was starting to get concerned. I also messaged regarding another order I wanted to place, that would be a custom piece. I was really excited to discuss it and find the best option going forward, that worked for both of us. Each time I messaged, she would say "I'll reply tomorrow" or "I'll reply later". Clearly the business owner is very busy and trying her best, but I felt the customer service was really poor and it made me feel really unwanted and hurt, every time I didn't get a response. I had to keep reminding her, only to be forgotten again and again, which was unfortunate, especially as a returning, keen customer as she has defintely lost future business going forward.

It only got worse when I asked about when my order would be sent as I wanted an update. I was told it was actually ready and waiting to be posted the next day. A week later and I hadn't received it, 2 weeks later and I still hadn't. I had no reply to my two emails or my first message. I then asked for the tracking information and got delayed until the next day. When I finally got the tracking information, it said it didn't exist. I was just about the make a formal complaint when she said it was delivered whilst I was at work, and was pleased it was home when I got back from my 13 hour shift. 

As always, the quality is great, the packaging was secure with both a gorgeous lilac tissue paper and each product individually taped to the boards for security, wrapped in bubble wrap. The box was left by the delivery service outside, which was a little annoying, but the products are waterproof so it wasn't a problem to say. 

I ordered the first week of May for the finishing touch to my master bedroom. I'd had my eye on a sign for above my bed for a long time, to help break up the dark forest green wall. I couldn't decide on the phrase or the colour. When they were offering a sale price, I ended up purchasing the "Let's stay in bed" phrase which was one of the leading contenders and I went for the traditional "Gold" wire shade to tie in with the other colours in the room. One thing I was worried about was drilling the holes for the correct spacing as each word was an individual piece. Luckily, they were sent in a piece of cardboard, with the holes pre-spaced which could then be used as a stencil for drilling! 

I also later added on a "Fiver Friday" deal of a newly launched "Wire House" which I got in "Black" wire. I saw this and immediately thought it would be the perfect addition to my entry hall as it would tie in with both my home feel and my wire "Welcome" sign on the wall. I have just sat this on my oak shelf, working as a background piece. 

Overall, I do love the products, but it's a real shame I feel very much let down by the service and the lack of communication, so sadly, I don't think I will be ordering again.