Garden Reveal (Buying my First House)

The garden became a little neglected over the first 8 months of living in my house, as I prioritised completing the renovations and decorations inside. As the sun started shining and the weather got hotter and hotter, I really wanted to enjoy the outdoor space. I kept waiting for my dad to come and help, but in the end, my mum and I did the majority of the hard work in 1 day. 

We started by deweeding all the borders and astroturf, trimming the bushes and then I bought some plants to fill in the gaps. They are so lovely and add the perfect pop of colour. I hope they get bigger and bigger over the summer and hopefully will come back next year too. My too favourite were the Fushia bush which was so pretty and I also found a plant called Nemesia Rhubarb and Custard, which seemed incredibly fitting given my family history. The former looks like fairies to me and latter was a beautiful purple and yellow. 

The fence isn't too shabby, but I do want to freshen it up, so I plan to paint the fences in a navy blue and then the posts and wall in a cream shade. I wasn't going to repaint the gate but it has started to peel so I will paint that too. I am also going to py for someone to come and clean the windows, clear the gutters and then jetwash the driveway completely to try and remove all the moss and debris stay tuned for that reveal soon. 

The decorations were the touches I was so excited about. I wanted to continue the peach and mint colour theme from the hallway and utility room, but it turned a little more coral. I already shared all the links and details here, but I loved being able to put it all together outside. 

Next to my back door, I've put the dog water and food bowls, plus made a little welly area. Both the welly boot remover and welly boot holder are from Dunelm. They are super affordable and really easy to build from flatpack. I think it's love so neat but fills the space perfectly. 

The solar panel lights are so pretty in the dark. The two lanterns add a little pop of colour on the fence, and the stakes along the fence border are so perfect as flickering candle flames.