Home Security and Feeling Safe Alone

Living alone as a single woman with little family nearby, has always left me feeling somewhat anxious about being home alone. It has got easier since getting to know my neighbours and making the house feel more like a home, but security is still important, especially when it comes to personal safety. On top of that, of course I am away a lot overnight so with night shifts and day shifts switching off regularly, it's nice to be able to have eyes on the property when I'm not around. 

I first bought my Ring door bell for my rental property and I loved it. I loved being able to see who was at the door before opening it and it always made me feel more secure. Since having the bathroom done and being intimidated by my builders at the time, I have since slowly added more cameras around the house and I now very much feel at peace knowing that if there was to be another confrontation or more threatening behaviour, I would have proof to back it up. 

I now have 4 security cameras around the property. I have my Ring door bell at the front door, a small camera at the front and in the garage and then the latest addition is the Dual Spotlight Camera for the back garden. 

My Ring products are honestly the best. I have never had an issue with any of the products. I love the ease of the app, the adaptability of the settings and the quality of the images in both the light and in the dark. It's always been super clear to see and I've never had an issue with connection disruption or damage. They have a great range of products. I (...currently...) have the security cameras, with some wired and some battery operated and door bell as mentioned previously, but I do also have their Chime which amplifies notifications and doorbells. They also now offer alarms and intercom systems too. I have upgraded to the premium service so that I can record and download videos on all my cameras, but even this cost is relatively affordable to me. 

I absolutely love the peace of mind the cameras bring me. Of course, it's also nice to be able to spy on the house a little too!